Wakayama Marina City

Wakayama Marina City is one of the best places to travel in Wakayama-shi, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Wakayama Marina City posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

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Located in Wakayama Marina City, PORTO EUROPE is a very fashionable and photogenic place that imitates the townscape of France and Italy. Because it doesn't require the admission fees, there're many people enjoy taking pictures.◎There're an amusement park, the local food shops and restaurants in the same site, so all of your families can enjoy together. The entrance fee is free, but you need fees if you want to take rides of an amusement park.


Summer Weekends Fireworks

After enjoy 'PORTO EUROPE' with a townscape of Europe, and Kuroshio Market, you can see the fireworks for the finishing of a day.