Best Tourist Spots In Kanazawa-shi

Here're best Tourist Spots in Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kanazawa-shi.

Best Tourist Spots In Kanazawa-shi [1-10]


Kenrokuen Garden


Kenroku-en Garden In Autumn And Winter

You can enjoy the cycle of the seasons at Kenroku-en much more than other Japanese Gardens! Spring cherry blossom, summer iris, autumn colored leaves and winter propped pine tree with snow, There're also illumination events in each season.◎Kenroku-en Garden is located in Kanazawa urban district, so you can visit here by bus. Parking lots are available for cars.


A Japanese garden Loved By A Lord Of A Great Dominion Kaga

Kenrokuen Garden is a symbolic spot of Kanazawa, which has easy access for the opening of Hokuriku Shinkansen Superexpress. For they often have light-up event in a year, I think it's good to visit during such events. I like especially autumn! I took the first pic in autumn, the second in winter. ◎The bus following a circular route from Kanazawa Station is useful!


Spring Lighting Of Kenrokuen Garden, One Of The Three Best Japanese Gardens

Kenrokuen is a representative of the gardens formed in Edo Period (around 1600-1800), and one of the three best Japanese gardens the same as Korakuen in Okayama and Kairakuen in Ibaraki. What's more, having as many as 420 cherry trees in the garden, Kenrokuen is also one of the 100 best cherry blossom spots in Japan. During the cherry blossom season, they open the garden for free and extend the opening hours. I'm so happy about it!◎Kenrokuen's free opening & Lighting in 2018 : 3/31-4/8, till 21:30.


21st Century Museum Of Contemporary Art Kanazawa


A Symbolic Art Of This Museum 'The Swimming Pool'

Leandro Erich's 'The Swimming Pool' is very attractive to take pictures! It's can be seen both from the ground and inside the pool, and you can see from the ground for free.◎Though it looks to be filled up by water, it's just a pool which is 10 centimeters in depth on the clear glass. Under the glass, there's a light blue room and you can enter it (need entrance fee).


Like In The Water! A Wonderful 'Swimming Pool'

'Swimming Pool' is one of the most famous works of 21st Century Museum Of Contemporary Art Kanazawa. On sunny days, the ripples reflect beautifully like this picture. When you take pictures, use continuous-shooting to make you look floating in the water.


I Tried Jumping! So Famous Art 'Swimming Pool'

The sunlight makes shadows of ripple on sunny days though, it was raining when I visited here. During the most crowded time, people wait in a line to take pictures of the art Swimming Pool.


Kanazawa Umimirai Library


A City Library With Beautiful Dotted Windows

It has won some prizes such as '25 most beautiful libraries in the world'. Inside the library with windows like dots on the white wall, the 2nd and 3rd floor are very open for the stairwells. There're three different sizes for the windows and the sun light comes from them beautifully to wrap the room gently.◎To take pictures of the inside, you need to fill in the application and meet some conditions. You can use for free because it's a city library. Open: weekdays 10:00-19:00, holidays 10:00-17:00. Regular holiday: Wednesdays


Neo Futuristic & Beautiful Library In Kanazawa

Kanazawa Umimirai Library has selected as one of the Most Beautiful Public Libraries In The World. The polka-dots on the wall are, in fact, windows. There're as many as 60000 polka-dots!


A Library Selected As The Most Beautiful 4 Libraries In The World By BBC

The novel and beautiful building that has won many prizes such as Good Design Award and the most attractive 20 libraries in the world (the major travel guide in USA) is worth seeing at least once. You can see inside as you like, and after making application, you can take pictures.


Higashi Chaya District


Kanazawa's Great Spot For Photos! Higashi Chayagai Looks Excellent With Kimono

Higashi Chayagai District is the largest one of the three Chayagai Districts in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. There're beautiful houses with traditional wooden fences and red walls. And they're very photogenic with Japanese Kimono! You can also enjoy lunch and cafe at Higashi Chayagai.◎I recommend to use rental kimono shop and walk in Higashi Chayagai in Kimono. I rented kimono at 'Kokoyui' this time.


A Tasteful Chaya-gai You Can Enjoy Shopping And Café Time

Higashi chaya-gai is the most famous of the three chaya-gai districts in Kanazawa. Pretty cafes and shops stand in a line like an old castle town. Ocha-ya that says 'First-time Customers Refused' at night, opens as a café in the daytime and you can enter in the shop.


Twice the Enjoyment If You Walk In Kimono Clothes, Beautiful Town Makes Us Want To Visit Again

The town landscape of traditional buildings (called Ochaya architecture) at both sides and stone paved road is perfectly beautiful! It's nice to visit the first thing in the morning to walk around leisurely. There'll be so many tourists around 10:00 when the shops start to open, that we feel like to visit a crowded amusement park or something like that.


Kazue-machi Chaya District


Beautiful Harmony Of Proudly Blooming Cherries & Tasteful Traditional Townscape

One of the three chaya towns in Kanazawa, Kazue-machi chaya town has tasteful stone pavements and Sembon-koushi (wooden lattice windows). As soon as you enter the narrow alley, you can feel like a time travel to Edo Period. It becomes more tasteful in the season of cherry blossoms. You all shouldn't miss the scenery of both together in only spring.


Chaya-gai Street With A Calm Atmosphere At The Asano River Side

Kazue-machi chaya-gai is one of the three chaya gai in Kanazawa. Chaya-gai is the old name of an amusement center. Houses with beautiful latticed windows named Kinusuko. You can enjoy slow walking around the street.


Kazuemachi Chayagai To Enjoy Walking In Back Alleys

Kazuemachi Chayagai is located next to a famous Higashi Chayagai, but there're fewer tourists in Kazuemachi. We could enjoy exploring to find back alleys so much! I always walk around with Google in my hand, but it's better to walk without seeing anything here.


Kanazawa Castle Park


Fascinating Harmony Between Picturesque Kanazawa Castle & Cherry Blossom

Kanazawa Castle Park adjoining Kenroku-en Garden, a well-known place for cherry blossom. On Ohori-dori Street (between Kenroku-en and Castle Park) and Hasuikemon-dori (a street from Konya-zaka to Mayumi-zaka guchi), the scene of 360 cherry blossom trees, Someiyoshino, are the highlights.


Cherry Blossoms At Kaga, Once A Strong Country

Kanazawa Castle belonged to Maeda Family, a lord of Kaga, once a strong country described as 'Hyakuman-Goku (one million-goku of rice produced annually). Now, it's opened as Kanazawa Castle Park. Together with Kenrokuen Garden adjoining to the castle, they open for free and extend the opening hours. What's more, you can enjoy night cherry blossom viewing and the garden's illumination.◎Open for free & illumination in 2018: 3/31-4/8, till 21:30 at night.


Oyama Shrine


Japan's Important Cultural Asset! A Shin-mon Gate With The Original Design Of Japanese, Western & Chinese Style Mixed

Toshiie Maeda is the deity of this Oyama Shrine. Shin-mon gate is famous for its novel design with a colorful stained glass. At one time, the god's light had reached far away to the Japan Sea. And, on the top, there's the oldest lightning rod in Japan.


Korin-ji Temple


Kanazawa's Popular Spiritual Spot! Prayer Temple Where The Visitors Never Stopped

Korin-ji Temple is secretly becoming popular as a temple for success in one-wish. Any kinds of wish will be OK, but only one for one person. And the way of praying is also very unique. If you touch the White Fudo sitting in the garden, you can get a beautiful skin. So don't miss touching it!


Soy Sauce Town' You Can Enjoy Taste, Fragrance And Looking Around

Ono town is a soy sauce-producing center since Edo era (around 1600-1800) where tasteful houses stand in a line. Ono soy sauce is characterized by its taste of sweetness and good flavor. You can enjoy visiting factories, soy sauce sweets and shopping omiyage in this town like a theme park of soy sauce.


Suzuki Museum


Peaceful & Quiet Room For Zen

A worldwide Buddhism philosopher Daisetsu Suzuki who made zen culture popular in the world. Yoshio Taniguchi embodied his ideas, and the unique design is worth visiting for anyone not only the architecture fans.