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Plates, Trays & Cutleries Are All Lacquer Wares! A Café Produced By A Historical Lacquer Ware Shop

The first floor of the shop is lacquer ware for everyday use, the second is Wajima-nuri (the local lacquer ware), the third is tools for tea ceremony and Kaga-makie (gold and silver lacquer) and the fourth is a café. A glossy lacquer ware and Japanese sweets beautifully arranged on it, is too good to eat. And more, of course, it's delicious.


Natural Japanese Cosmetics Born In Kanazawa, No.1 Producing Center Of Gold Foil In Japan

Women who work for gold foil factories under hard surroundings such as high temperature and drying used familiar materials and conceived these natural cosmetics after trial and error. These cute packages are also pleased for gifts as well as for yourself.


An Extraordinary Artist & Foodie Kitaoji Rosanjin Loved The Cottage All His Life

Although he had stayed here only for a short term, he was concerned here ' Iroha Soan' till his last years. In the building, his work-room and a study are left as they are, and his rare art works are exhibited. You can totally enjoy a world of Rosanjin.


A Stylish Carry & Rice In Kanazawa That Makes Me Want To Visit For It

They use the local foodstuffs such as meat, rice and vegetables of course, even soy sauce and seasonings. And no flour nor sugar for carry sauce. So this 'Kanazawa Curry' is healthy and doesn't cause upset stomach. I don't get tired if I eat it everyday.


Local Sake Made By 5 Sake Breweries And Made From The Same Ingredients

Gozou is made from rice grown in Kanazawa and yeast made in Kanazawa. Used the same ingredients, they have totally different tastes because of the differences of water and prosses. You can enjoy tasting these five sake.


The Strongest Spiritual Power Spot In Kanazawa! A Mysterious Spring That The Name 'Kanazawa' Is derived From

In old time, a man Togoro washed yam here, then he found gold dusts. From such a story, 'a swamp (沢) to wash gold (金)' became 'Kanazawa (金沢). It doesn't run dry under a blazing sun in midsummer and overflow after a long rain. It's a mysterious spring always filled with clear water.


Shaved Ice Like Light Snow At A High-end Japanese Café In Kanazawa

Very thinly shaved ice containing air is so fluffy that seems to melt only at a touch. It's excellent with homemade syrup of seasonal food. You can eat it all easily though it looks big.


Overseas Top Shops Are Fascinated! Scarfs Woven By The Stuffs Lightest In he World And Very Thin

Tennyo-no Hagoromo (robe of goddesses) is woven by very thin threads, one fifth or sixth the thickness of hair. The weight is as light as 10g per 1㎡ and it feels like a breath of air. These scarfs of Japanese proud quality have adopted by famous brands and for stage costumes.


Japan's Largest! A Park With 3 Million And 700 Kinds Of Blooming Tulip

In a large site, there're many places to see such as tulip ground pictures, flower valleys and flower beds on the water. It's as wonderful as Keukenhof Park in the genuine country, the Netherlands.◎Tonami Tulip Fair: around 4/20-5/5 Open: 8:30-17:30 Entrance Fee: adult¥1000 child¥300


Relaxing Café In A Temple Precinct

A café in Hosho-ji Temple built by Maeda Toshitsune, who was the third lord of Kaga Domain. It's a little semi-Western style, but makes very comfortable harmony with the tranquil temple. Sweets that they serve are delicious of curse, I think I found the nice cafe to take a rest.