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I want to introduce the exciting scenery and foods mainly in Kansai Region.

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Delicious Seasonal Tart

Maisonbleu is famous for tart and located at the suburb of Kyoto. The tarts are displayed like this pic, and excite us while we choose. We can enjoy tarts in the cafe whose interior is restful, or bring back to your home.


Bar Arcade Decorated With 1000 Colorful Lanterns

Osaka Tenma Ichiba Market is called 'a kitchen of Naniwa'. At the arcade located north of it, as many as 1000 lanterns appeared suddenly! The street is lined with various bars, so we can enjoy short-time-drinking and bar-hop!


Like In The Water! A Wonderful 'Swimming Pool'

'Swimming Pool' is one of the most famous works of 21st Century Museum Of Contemporary Art Kanazawa. On sunny days, the ripples reflect beautifully like this picture. When you take pictures, use continuous-shooting to make you look floating in the water.


Lunch In Tiered Boxes Of A Western Food Restaurant

LAiD BACK is a restaurant with homey atmosphere, which has only five counter-seats. The owner chef services neatly. Under the lid of tiered boxes, various dish appears. I enjoyed all of them.◎Form Tondabayashi Station, enter the Jin'nai-machi Dori Street and you can find soon. Jubako Lunch Box for 1000 yen.


A Great Grassland With Japanese Pampas Grass Swings In The Breeze

You can see the Japanese pampas grass spreading to the whole grassland around the top of Iwawaki Mountain. Surrounded with those grass swings in the breeze, the lunch we eat on the mountain top feels more delicious! We need to climb up the mountain pass for 1.5-2 hours to the top.


Huge Bookshelves In The Stairwell

At a room with bookshelves covering the wall from the bottom to the ceiling, you can enjoy reading books and drinking teas. Hirakata T-SITE is a great place for book-lovers, please visit once by any means!◎Open: 7:00-23:00. You can have a breakfast in the early morning, and rent videos on your way home at night.


The Whole View Of Lake Biwa

If the weather is perfect, you can see the world wrapped in blue! It was a little cloudy on this day, but I could see the beautiful reflections of clouds on the water surface. Then, the sky became pale pink because of the evening glow, which was very gorgeous scenery.◎Biwako Terrace opens during the green season of Lake Biwa Valley, from April to November. It's used as a sky resort in winter, so they're closed.