Best Seafood Restaurants In Hokkaido

Here're best Seafood Restaurants in Hokkaido. We released a ranking of reviews about Seafood Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Hokkaido.

Best Seafood Restaurants In Hokkaido [1-3]


Senchan Shokudo Restaurant (Kushiro)


Sashimi Set Meal Of Fresh & Tasty Saury

I ate sashimi set meal of tasty row saury that had never been frozen in Kushiro! You should eat this fresh and shining saury in its best season by any means!


Road Station Akkeshi Mikaku Terminal Conchiglie


Oysters All Year Round! Rich & Creamy Oysters Grown In Akkeshi

Akkeshi is only place to be able to forward oyster throughout the year in Japan. The plump, rich and sweet oysters are very delicious! You can eat food and find souvenirs of oysters and specialties in Akkeshi here.


So Delicious That You Can't Stop! Rich And Fresh Oysters Grown In Akkesi

You can eat famous oysters such as kaki-emon and maru-emon to make them braised right here. There are less sightseers, here is a kind of secret place you can enjoy oysters.