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  • 9/7/1982
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I'm going to send information of Hokkaido I had made a round trip for a month. I like beer, travel and cooking very much.

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A Retro Caretaker's House Of Closed School Building! A Campsite Like A Movie Scene

A campsite made by a married couple moved to Hokkaido. A caretaker's house rebuilt a closed school has nostalgic air as if a time stops. The campsite is a round grassland, and of course you can come in by a car. It's possible to stay in a caretaker's house.


Like A Greek Architecture! A Breathtaking Huge Breakwater

This huge breakwater is 14m high and 427m long in Wakkanai Harbor. It's like a symbol of Wakkanai and also acknowledged as a heritage of Hokkaido. A half-arched dome is rare in the world.


Must Eat If I Have To Wait In A Line! 'Buta-don' With Thick Cut Pork

Their menu is only buta-don. They prepare matsu, take, ume, and hana differing with its amount of pork. Thick cut pork grown in Tokachi, seasoning of fewer sugar and savory small are sooo good! You may have to wait in a line and share a table with others, but it'll be worth eating.


Appeared In TV Drama 'Massan', Beautiful White Birches Standing In A Straight For 1.3km

An entrance of Tokachi Farm. Here's well known as a low of white birches where Massan and Elly held their hands and run through in a scene of NHK's morning drama. Also it's acknowledged as a beautiful grove of Otofuke town.


Hiding Hearts Make You Lucky In Love!

Biei Shrine is famous as a spiritual power spot of fortunes for marriage and love. The shrine has striking decollations of heart on the red torii gate or the main shrine. The more you find the hiding heart shapes, the more you can get the good fortune!


Once The God's Land. A Cape Remains The Tragedy Of Prohibition Against Women Entry

Contrary to the sad tradition the cape remains, you can see the overwhelming beautiful view.


Freshly Made Sweets Taste Of Natural Milk Grown In Niseko

They value the original taste of milk and make sweets without food additives as little as they can. There're many kinds such as ice cream, cheese tart, yogurt, cream puff and sponge cake. Especially, a freshly made hot cheese tart is superb.


Little Known Place In Noboribetsu! A Wild Natural Hot Spring River For Legs

A natural hot spring for legs at the side of the river flowing from Oyu Marsh. You can come with your hands empty because the cushions are prepared. It takes 15minutes on the path but be careful, it's like a mountain path.


So Delicious That You Can't Stop! Rich And Fresh Oysters Grown In Akkesi

You can eat famous oysters such as kaki-emon and maru-emon to make them braised right here. There are less sightseers, here is a kind of secret place you can enjoy oysters.


Experience 20 Degrees Below Zero! You Can See And Touch The Real Drift Ices And Ice Bound Fish In Severe Cold Room

Entrance fee is 450yen. There's a room you can experience severe cold, and a lot of exhibitions about drift ices and the Sea of Okhotsk. The content of dome theater is worth seeing. Both grown-ups and children can enjoy enough.