Best Tourist Spots In Osaka

Here're best Tourist Spots in Osaka. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Osaka.

Best Tourist Spots In Osaka [1-10]

1Osaka Maishima Seaside Park

Just Opened In 2019! 1 million Nomophila flowers at Maishima, Osaka Prefecture! You're encouraged to see the great blue view at seaside by any means. In the site, there're food court and to take a rest and seats to see the landscape leisurely.

Maishima Seaside Park is located in Maishima, Osaka. It was a lily garden, but now, there're 1 million Nemophila spreading to the site. A tulip and poppy can be seen among a blue carpet. And a character Mone-nyan is lovely too. We can take pictures of the ocean beyond the flowers, and if the timing is good, cherry blossom and Nemophila together.

Maishima Seaside has Nemophila festival from this year 2019. The lily garden had opened till the last year, but we can see the Nemophila blue spreading to the whole surface this year!

2Katsuoji Temple

Katsuo-ji Temple is the 23th one of Saikoku 33 Temples. It's famous for Daruma Dolls, and also the beautiful fall foliage that cover the whole mountain in autumn. You can see the lovely collaboration of Daruma and autumn colored leaves.◎Illumination Event (only in 2017): Saturdays, Sundays and holidays till November 30th. From sunset to 19:30(close the gate). You need to use cars because there're no public facilities.

It is believed as a temple of luck with victory. In the precinct, there are many daruma dolls which have a spirit of 'nana korobi ya oki' (though fall seven times, get up eight times). 

Katsuoji Temple is famous for Daruma. Many people visit this temple to pray for luck of victory in various scenes such as examination, employment, and business. And so many Daruma are dedicated throughout the temple.

3Osaka Castle

55 meters above the ground, in 5 layers, 8 floors, grampus on the roof, lying tiger and on, gold ornaments shine beautifully anywhere in the castle.

A Japanese garden located in the same site of Osaka Castle is known to only a few people. The castle seen from the Japanese garden is more beautiful, and what's more, you can see the reflected castle in the pond. It's a must-visit place when you come to Osaka Castle.

We can see the cherry blossom in full bloom and Osaka Castle at the same time in this season. The cherry blossom was late this year, so we could see the castle's blue illumination for the World Autism Awareness Day together. The cherry blossom are going to be at their best, why don't you come?

4Osaka Tanabata Sky Lantern Festival

A sky lantern event held on August 18th and 19th in Yodogawa, Osaka. (It's held around 7/7 every year, but it was postponed because of rain this year.) About 3000 sky lanterns flew to the night sky, it was so wonderful scenery.

'Sky Lantern' is famous in Taiwan. We could do that in Osaka! The fantastic world like Disney's 'Rapunzel' spread over the urban night sky. I made wishes to the sky lanterns, and I was completely fascinated with the scenery.◎I was held on 2018, August 18th and 19th.

Tanabata Sky Lantern Festival held at Yodogawa Kasen Park in Osaka. It's like a world of Disney's 'Rapunzel'. Slowly and fluffy, we could be feel relaxed...

5Expo '70 Commemorative Park


Scenery Of Colorful Tulip

There7re various kinds of 110 thousand colorful tulips! It's very impressive scenery! We all get excited with this beautiful carpet.

Tower Of The Sun designed by Taro Okamoto is famous very much, and it's been possible for visitors to look inside of it since 2018. It's so impressive that we can never expect, like 3D animation or another dimension! Though we can take photos from only the first floor, there's a wonderful scenery when you look down from above. It's a great art that we must see once.

Expo 70's Commemorative Park is filled up with so beautiful cherry blossoms that it's selected as one of the 100 best cherry blossom spots in Japan. Its symbol 'The Sun Tower' is distinguished from wherever we see! The park is so large and you can enjoy all day!

6Osaka Maishima Lily Garden

A flower field of 2.5 million lilies. It has an easy access from the city central, you can enjoy the beautiful flowers at ease. The scenery of full-bloom colorful lilies is very impressive. This year, they're going to transplant the 120 thousand bulbs, and renewal the flower field.◎They have different opening hours by days of the week. The opening hours on weekends is longer, so you can see the lily garden with the sun setting to the Osaka Bay.

Osaka Maishima Lily garden is located just the side of the sea! It's very spacious and has incredible range of lily. I like this nice place with the sea breeze and the fragrance of lilies!

A lily garden, located Maishima, Osaka Prefecture, has colorful lilies not only white. What's more, as an option, they offer the helicopter tour to enjoy the bird's eye view of the whole lily garden.

7Tsutenkaku Tower

Osaka's major tourist spot, Tsutenkaku. There're many funny factors in this tower, but night Tsutenkaku is also nice! I admired illuminated Billiken, and then look outside, I could have a clear view of Abeno Harukas.◎It has easy access by train, and also toll parking area nearby. You can find nice Kushikatsu restaurants around Tsutenkaku, and Spa World Onsen in a walkable area. It's good for you to spend a whole day to enjoy Tsutenkaku and its around.

8Izumi Recycle Kankyo Park

I shot the plum tree with so many blossoms that hide its behind. It sparkles in the sunlight, and the air around is full of plum fragrance. I found many white-eye birds, too! Spring is at its fullest here!

Izumi Recycle Kankyo Park is for flowers and sport. We can enjoy many kinds of flowers in each season. For now, tulips, daffodil, pink moss and cherry blossoms are at their best to see.

We can see the weeping plum blossom and daffodil together here. We don't need any parking area and also entrance fees. I feel relaxed with the nice fragrance of plum blossom and daffodils while I enjoy taking pictures and walking around.


Entering into an alley, I found a new world there. Just looking at the flashy signboards is exciting, and I became addicted to take pictures. There're many shops I want to visit!

Showy buildings and restaurants, you can enjoy the atmosphere like Osaka.

10Hirakata Park

A famous and long-established amusement park Hirakata Park. Its pool and skating is popular though, I like its illumination held only in winter. The scenery of glittering amusement park is very fantastic.

Hirakata Park is famous in Osaka. I went there to see the illuminations. We can enjoy seeing the tunnel of lights, lanterns, and various illuminations there.◎The illumination is not held everyday, so you need to make sure the schedule.