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  • 4/8/1991
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I like beautiful landscape, travel and taking photos. I visit various places to look for some stunning views.

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Transparent Blue! Beppu Benten Pond So Cook In Summer

It's a pond of springwater that is selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan. The transparent water is so beautiful, and it's famous as a little-known spiritual power spot, and also a photogenic spot. We can feel coolness in even hot summer.


Spring Arakurayama Sengen Park, Commanding The Magnificent Mt. Fuji

I took this photo before the sun rise, during the time we can see the morning glow and the moon at the same time. The Mt. Fuji in the early morning with cherry blossom is very beautiful. It's popular among tourists from foreign countries, so many people visit here.


Special Visiting Only In Spring! Ruriko-in Temple With Beautiful Fresh Green

Ruriko-in Temple has special visiting in spring and autumn every year. We can see the beautiful reflection of fresh green on the table. This spring special visiting is held till 6/30. 10:00~17:00 Entrance fee: 2000 yen


Azalea Mountain Dyed Red Completely

Azalea spreading to the whole mountain has become red as far as the eye can see, and this scenery is said to be 'one million trees in one site'. To the top of Katsuragi Mountain where we see this landscape, we can use the mountain walking-road or ropeway. One-way ticket: adult 740 yen, child 370 yen. Round ticket: adult 1250 yen, child 630 yen.


Cherry Blossom Trees Along The Both Sides Of Negawa Path

There's a walking path to walk slowly along the stream, and some families enjoy hanami and picnic. The cherry blossom come over the stream were so beautiful.


Hyōtan Zakura In The Early Morning Standing Among Silence

When I began to take pictures, it was still dark. There're only the sounds of birds, and we can feel the great nature with our whole body. Hyōtan Zakura is 500 years old and as tall as 21 meters, so its standing existence is impressive. Together with other cherry blossom trees around it, we can enjoy this scenery very much.


Beautiful Chidorigafuchi Moat Dyed Cherry Blossom Color

Chidorigafuchi Moat is a popular tourist spot in springtime, so it gets very crowded, but you can see cherry blossom leisurely while walking along the path. What's more, we can enjoy seeing flowers from the boat on the moat. The cherry blossoms are lighted up during its season.


Kodai-ji Temple's Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree Dressed In Japanese Beauty

Beautiful weeping cherry tree (Shidare Zakura) standing on the white sands of Hojo Garden of Kodai-ji Temple. We can see the beauty of Japan and tasteful atmosphere of Kyoto. The admission fee is 600 yen. It would be illuminated in that season.


Full Bloom Peach, Cherry And Canola Flowers Like A Fairyland!

Many flower-peach, cherry blossom, and canola flowers become full bloom, and we can enjoy spring scenery. Though it's beautiful to look from a distance, we can walk up under these trees! The scenery overlooked from high position is also breathtaking, and beautiful like a fairyland.


Light-Up Of Nabana-no Sato! A Heart Shape Appears In Kawazu Cherry Blossoms

I found a heart shape in the sky among Kawazu cherry blossoms lighted at night. There're about 300 trees of Kawazu Zakura, and we can enjoy the blossoms during May. The night illumination was very beautiful!