Best Cosmos Spots In Asia

Here're best Cosmos Spots in Asia. We released a ranking of reviews about Cosmos Spots posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Asia.

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Address:221 Han'nyaji-cho, Nara-shi, Nara

Access:10 min by bus from Nara Station to Hannyaji, then 3 min walk. By car, 60 min from Osaka, 60 min from Kyoto city. Toll parking area is available.

Han'nya-ji Temple is well known as a cosmos temple. From September to November, there're 150 thousand and 30 kinds of cosmos are in bloom. It's very photogenic to take pictures of a temple and 13 storied stone pagoda over the cosmos!◎Parking lot is free during weekdays. On holidays, one car for 1 hour will be free, but more than that, you need 500yen.


Address:Takadono-cho , Kashihara-shi, Nara

Access:By bus, 20min from Yagi Station to Kashihara City's Fujiwara Palace Site Library, then walk 2min. By car, 15min from Yamato Takada Bypass.

In summer, you can see 11 kinds of water lily at 3000 square meters pond. Fujiwara Palace Site is a great place which has canola flower and cherry blossom in spring, and cosmos in autumn, so you can feel relaxed here.


Address:East side of Kameoka Gym Park, Anagawa Yoshikawa-cho, Kameoka-shi, Kyoto

Access:10 min by bus from Kameoka Station to Unndo Koen^-mae. By car or taxi, 40 min from Kyoto Station.



Yume Cosmos Garden, at Kameoka in Kyoto, has 20 kinds and 8 million cosmos in its best season. You can see the cosmos in color we can rarely see at other places!


Address:Senri Banpaku Koen, Suita-shi, Osaka

Access:The nearest stations are Banpaku Kinen Koen Station, and Koen Higashi-guchi (East Gate) Station. The nearst IC is Chugoku Suita IC. 5min from both Meishin Suita IC, and Kinki Suita IC.

Seasonal flower gardens are in full bloom at Expo'70 Commemorative Park. Autumn flowers are cosmos. Please visit the cosmos field in full bloom.


Address:1873 Okamoto Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara

Access:By bus, 50 min from Kintetsu Nara Station to Houkiji, then 3 min walk. Or 15 min from Ouji Station to Houkiji Guchi, then 10 min walk. By car, 25 min from Nara city, 50 min from Osaka city, or 80 min from Kyoto city.

Houki-ji (or Hokki-ji) Temple is a famous cosmos spot in Nara. The cosmos spreading at 20 thousand square meters site is very impressive.


Address:2202 Samita Kawai-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun, Nara

Access:By car, 15 min from Horyuji IC. Or 2 min walk from Ikebe Station.


We can enjoy seeing the seasonal flowers at Umemi Kyuryo Park. Puppy in spring, hydrangea and sunflowers in summer, then now, there're so many cosmos in autumn.


Address:2 Tsunematsu, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo

Access:15 min by bus from Hankyu Mukonosou Station to Nishi Koya, then 5 min walk. By car or taxi, 10 min from Amagasaki Station.

Cosmos fields located along the Muko-gawa River. There're great many cosmos in the large site. The ordinary cosmos and yellow cosmos are planted separately, then walking in the site more, we can find them blooming together. The cosmos fields has many attractions to see!


Address:Shimobayashi Maki Toyono-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka

Access:40 min by bus from Hankyu Ikeda Station to Myokenguchi, then 5 min walk. By car or taxi, 40 min from Shin Osaka.


Toyono Cosmos Park are at its best to see from early October. You can take a rest at the bench and buy flowers at a stall.◎From Ikeda Station, take Hankyu bus bound for Maki to Myokenguchi, then 5 min walk. Admission fee: 500 yen.


Address:244-2 Aridagawa-cho, Arida-gun, Wakayama

Access:75 min by car from Wakayama Station

Washigamine Mountain is 586.2 meters high. Its observatory commands the whole view of Wakayama city. In autumn, we can enjoy cosmos fields, and take pictures of cosmos and night view together.


Address:Yoshino Mano-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa

Access:BY car, 30 min from Zentsuji IC, 45 min from Takamatsu Station, 25 min from Takamatsu Airport. Toll parking area is available.




There're some cosmos fields at the 350 ha site, 13 times as large as Tokyo Dome. You can see the beautiful yellow cosmos planted on the way to a tea house Chikuhu-an from the entrance square, and take pictures of colorful cosmos planted around the lawn area.◎Autumn colored kochia at the same time of cosmos is also must-see. Manno Park has various event on weekends in autumn, so you can enjoy it with all of your families. Admission fees and parking fees are needed.


Address:529-1 Tsumu Takuma-cho, Mitoyo-shi, Kagawa

Access:By car, 25 min from Mitoyo Tossaka IC, 70 min from Takamatsu Station, 65 min from Takamatsu Airport.

Flower Park Urashima is in Mitoyo which has many beautiful places. Marguerite in spring, and cosmos in autumn blooms here in front of the Seto Inland Sea. The collaboration of the sea and the flowers is really gorgeous!◎Best season is from the middle of October. In 2017, they will start to cut the cosmos on 10/30. Free parking lot is available.


Address:605−4 Onuma-aza Mawatari, Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki

Access:Bus: 29min from JR Katsuta Station, or 10min from Ajigaura Station. Get off at 'Kaihin Koen Nishiguchi'. Car: get off the speedway at Hitachi Kaihin Koen IC.



The collaboration of red kochia and colorful cosmos! If you visit here as soon as it opens, you can see this scenery with no one else in your sight!


Address:1 Tokiwa-cho, Mito-shi, Ibaraki

Access:Bus: 20min from JR Mito Station, get off at 'Kairakuen-mae'. Car: 20min from Mito IC.



The cosmos at Kairakuen Garden's addition has reached the best to see. You can see colorful cosmos against the background of a famous house Kobun-tei.


Address:1650 Yamanaka Yamanakako-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi

Access:By Fuji Kyuko Bus, 30 min from Fujisan Station, or 50 min from JR Gotemba Station. By car, 70 min from Kofu city, 100 min from Yokohama, or 100 min from Shizuoka. Toll parking area is available.

August 1st. Sunflowers, zinia and yellow cosmos. Colorful and beautiful flowers will welcome us. I could have a great time with these flowers looking up to Mt. Fuji all around the fields.


Address:Marudai Engaru-cho, Mombetsu-gun, Hokkaido

Access:By car, 8 min from JR Engaru Station, 180 min from Sapporo IC, 50 min from Mombetsu Airport, 80 min from Memambetsu Airport, 120 min from Asahikawa Airport. Parking area is available.



Taiyo-no Oka Engaru Park has the largest cosmos flower field in Japan! As many as 10 million cosmos in pink and yellow are proudly blooming in the huge field. Though it rained so much when I visited here, the wet cosmos sparkled in the sunlight much more.◎Parking area is available. It's a little far from Engaru Station, but you can walk to the park from the station.


Address:231 Koizumi-cho, Isesaki-shi, Gunma

Access:By car or taxi, 10 min JR Kunisada Station or 30 min from Maebashi city.

Cosmos fields around a great torii arch of Koizumi Inari Shrine in the evening. This torii is the highest one in Gunma Prefecture, and at about 6.6 ha site around it, there're colorful cosmos blooming like a carpet. The pink one blooms beautifully between the yellow ones.


Address:Hoteni Hirakata, Hirakata-shi, Osaka

Access:40 min by bus from Hirakata Station to Sakaibashi, then 5 min walk. 45 min by car or taxi from Shin Osaka Station.

In the beautiful countryside, cosmos bloom to the whole field as large as 3.5 ha. You can enter the field for free and pic up 10 flowers for 100 yen!


Toin Station

1 Review

Address:Yamada, Touin-cho, Inabe-shi, Mie

Access:Sangi Railway's Hokusei Line

Though I live away from my home town, I want to come back to this place with rich nature in this season. And I feel soothed with the many cosmos here.


Address:Kanzaki Sangawa-machi, Sanuki-shi, Kagawa

Access:By car, 35 min from Takamatsu Station or Takamatsu Airport

Sanuki City, Kanzaki Area has cosmos fields in places. One of them is called 'Cosmos Field In Front Of Yoshida Family's House'. It's not so large but we can see the cosmos and trains together. ◎No parking area. It's located near a popular udon noodle restaurant 'Maharo', cross a bridge and find it between fields.


Noma Pond

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Address:2734-1 Kanzaki Sangawa-machi, Sanuki-shi, Kagawa

Access:By car, 30 min from Takamatsu Station, 25 min from Takamatsu Airport.

Kanzaki Area, belongs to Sanuki city Kagawa Prefecture, has planted cosmos, and we can see cosmos fields here and there in this town. The cosmos field beside Noma Pond is the largest among the others, we can meet the peaceful and photogenic landscape.◎There's an area to park cars. Cosmos becomes in its best in the early half of November. Though there's no sign, it's located southeast of Noma Pond, and you can find it soon.


Address:3173 Midori-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo

Access:10 min walk from Tachikawa Station. By car or taxi, 75 min from Shinagawa Station, or 90 min from Haneda Airport.



Showa Kinen Park is located in Tokyo though, it's far larger than Disney Land! In autumn, we can enjoy autumn blessing so much, such as cosmos blooming on a hill and fall foliage at a Japanese garden. ◎You can walk from Tachikawa Station, but Cosmos Hill and Japanese Garden is toll area far from Tachikawa Station. It's better for you to take a bus from Tachikawa Station to Showa Kinen Park Sunagawa Gate.


Address:18-25 Saitozaki Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka

Access:10 min walk from Saitozaki Station. By bus, 40 min from Tenjin Post Office to Uminonakamichi Station, then 3 min walk. By car or taxi, 30 min from Hakata or Fukuoka Airport.



During the flower festival at Uminonakamichi Sea Side Park has Japanese arts at cosmos fields, which may look excellent in your Instagram. What else, you can enjoy autumn colored red Kochia and cockscomb, and so on.◎Admission fees: 450 yen. Parking fees: 520 yen.


Address:Inami-cho, Kako-gun, Hyogo

Access:10 min by car or taxi from Tsuchiyama Station.

Cosmos fields located at Inami-cho, Hyogo Prefecture. An uncle told me I can pick up flowers because it was after the Cosmos Festival, so I was happy to bring the flowers to my home. There're less people, so I really want to recommend this place to others.


Omata Farm

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Address:1054 Higashi Nodake-machi, Omura-shi, Nagasaki

Access:By car or taxi, 15 min from Matsubara Station, or 20 min from Nagasaki Airport. By bus, 15 min from Natsubara Station to Nodake Lake, then 15 min walk.

Omata Farm is located at the side of Nodake Lake, and has flower fields of as many as 300 thousand cosmos blooming thickly. Specially in the evening, the cosmos lit by the orange light has very beautiful color and lovely appearance!


Address:Kiyozumi Hikami-cho , Tamba-shi, Hyogo

Access:By car or taxi, 15 min from Isou Station, or 80 min from Shin Kobe Station.

Numerous cosmos flowers spreading to the field. There were many kinds of, and lovely cosmos. Against the background of mountains, it's very peaceful scenery. I want to visit here every year.


Address:1125 Minara, Toon-shi, Ehime

Access:By car or taxi, 5 min from Minara Station, 35 min from Matsuyama Station, or 30 min from Matsuyama Airport.

When I visit Toon City, I always stop by my favorite cafe and Minara Flower Field together. In spring, you can see canola flower here.

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