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I like photography, and go to Kanto and Tohoku regions to take pictures. I enjoy taking pictures together with traveling☆


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Gugyo-ji Temple has a connection with Prince Senhime, a granddaughter of Ieyasu Tokugawa. The temple's parishioner told me that they have planted cluster amaryllis for over 40 years. After I heard the story, I could appreciate the flowers with warm feelings.
Light Green Kochia has a lovely plump shape and soft touch. You can enjoy walking around in the forest of lovely kochia.
Lit up by the colors changing every moment and season, floating and swinging jellyfishes make a fantastic world. Together with music, it becomes more relaxing room.
At the most gorgeous room named 'Gyosho-no Ma' finished with fine gold, and surrounded with colored wood carving and Japanese paintings. It's on the theme of Aomori Nabura Festival, and they express a voyage of Nebuta. The floor reflects Nebuta beautifully like a water mirror.
The dolphins dance with the images, installations and projection mapping created by NAKED (Japanese creative agency). The performance is worth seeing.
'WANO AKARI × HYAKUDAN KAIDAN 2018' At a room named 'Sōkyū-no Ma', the art work designed by MIRRORBOELER who has excited big stages such as worldwide rock concert and Japanese National Tresure Himeji Castle, on the theme of white-black, negative-positive, shadow-sun, and life-death.