Best Tourist Spots On Rainy Days In Kagawa Prefecture

Here're best tourist spots where you can enjoy even it rains in Kagawa Prefecture. Such as art museums famous for Setouchi Art Festival held once in three years, we selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Kagawa, and released the ranking.

Best Tourist Spots On Rainy Days In Kagawa Prefecture [1-10]

1Benesse House Museum

The Building Itself Is An Art. A Large Museum Surrounded By Nature Of Naoshima Island

This museum was opened on the concept of "coexistence of nature, art and architecture". And you can enjoy the modern art works and the building itself with the feeling of island's nature. For it stands on a hill, you can see the nice seascape from the terrace.◎Access: from the nearest bus stop 'Tsutsuji-so', you can use free shuttle bus or go on foot. Or go by bicycle from a port. Admission Fee: ¥1030 No photo inside the museum.

2Teshima Art Museum

Teshima Art Museum: Nature Of Teshima Island & The Building Influence Each Other, And Invite You To Another World

A concrete building without any pillars. Its two holes are open as if it rains, and take in the sunshine, winds and rains on Teshima Island as they are. Mysterious movement of a 'spring' that changes every moment in the art and its sounds attract people for many hours.◎However many times you can enter the museum in a day and enjoy the different aspects of day and night. Little known tips: some repeaters watch for a chance to come on rainy days. The other aspect differ from that of the sunny days can be seen.

3Lemon Hotel

An Installation Art 'Lemon Hotel' You Can Actually Stay

It's an enjoyable installation art which you experience at the voice's suggestions. It's also a hotel accepting only one group a day and a café you can eat and drink the island's specialty lemon. By the way, what does this art mean? You'll know that after the experience.◎Admission fee: ¥500 At the café, you can enjoy Teshima Island's specialty lemon such as lemon squash, lemonade and lemon scone.

4Missing Post Office

A Post Office Where The Letters Gather Beyond The Time & Space

Missing Post Office receive the letters written for yourselves in the future or someone you can't see any more. It's one of the art project, and exhibits the letters without addresses to be read by someone you don't know.◎5min walk from a port. It was used as a real post office. You can send a letter with no address and read exhibited letters here.


Strawberry Picking You Can Eat Kagawa's Brand 'Sanukihime'

You can enjoy strawberry picking at Sky Farm. The strawberries grown in the much of sunlight above the ground are very big and sweet! Even adults can be satisfied with the high quality strawberries!◎There're some other kinds of strawberry, and all of them are delicious. The season is from January to May, reservation required. 13 years old~ 1600yen, 6-12 years old 1200yen, 3-5 years old 800yen


Photogenic Arts You Can Experience With An Adventure In Tangled Alleys

Ogi-jima Island in Seto Inland Sea has many narrow and tangled slopes like a maze. Let's go ahead in adventure mood and see the photogenic arts exhibited in the old houses in the island.◎During the term of Triennial, Passport for arts is convenient, too. Out of the term, you can enter each art for ¥300. Photos permitted, enjoy taking photos collaborating with the art in these mysterious rooms.

7Memory Bottle

Memories Became Illumination Of Art 'Memory Bottle'

An art work 'Memory Bottle' stuffed photos of islanders in Ogijima, is exhibited like an illumination inside a small warehouse. It's a romantic room of beautiful art made up with lightened and gathered memories.◎Entrance fee: 300yen, or Triennale Passport is available during the art festival. You can take pictures.

8Bussyozan Onsen Tenpyouyu (Hot Spring)

A Designed Hot Spring Facility You May Mistake a Café

The simple structure of white wall and wood is like a café. The thick water seems to be good for skin, open-air bath and water contains carbonic acid gas are popular among the young and elders.

9Takamatsu Airport

The First Tap Welcoming Visitors To Kagawa

Arriving at Takamatsu Airport, why don't you taste the stock soup for udon noodle here at first? On the second floor, toward the international boarding gate.


A Wonderful Art Of Comfortable Sounds & Shadow Pictures

In the room of a warm old house, bamboo arts make rhythmical sounds by winds occurred from somewhere. I have no idea what and how makes these sounds. But this wonderful feeling makes us feel relaxed.◎Author: Akinori Matsumoto Entrance fee: 300yen It gets crowded during the Setouchi Art Festival. Needed time: 15~20min