Awai Shrine


Awai Shrine is one of the best places to travel in Kanonji-shi, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. It's famous for about 3000 trees of hydrangea that become the best to see in the middle of June. You can enjoy the photogenic world as you walk along the path. Here're guides for reviews, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Awai Shrine posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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A Shrine With 3000 Hydrangea Trees At The Precinct & Walk

Hydrangeas coloring the slope are very impressive. A walk in the lush grove has beautiful blue hydrangeas and makes very fantastic scenery. Hydrangea Festival is held in the middle of June every year.
30 min could be enough to see slowly around the precinct and walk. Free parking lot is available.

Kagawa Prefecture's Best Hydrangea Shrine, With Hydrangeas Even On A Stampbook!

Awai Shrine is a popular hydrangea spot in Kagawa Prefecture. There're about 3000 trees of hydrangea in the precinct. What's more, hydrangea floating on the hand-purifying fountain is also attractive, and many visitors get a shrine stampbook with a hydrangea seal.
There's a walking path with hydrangea at both sides. You can walk it in 20 or 30 min.



1719-2 Awai-cho, kanonji-shi, kagawa


By car, 13 min from Onohara IC, 60 min from Takamatsu Station, 55 min from Takamatsu Airport. Parking area is available.



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Ichinomiya Seashore

Like A Hawaiian Resort Park At A Town Of Chosa

Toyohama of Kan'onji City is famous for festival of gorgeous Japanese drums called Chosa. There're playground equipment designed by a famous carver Isamu Noguchi, and shallow beach for swimming over the beautiful grass. It's full of resort atmosphere.

Sanuki Toyohama Chosa Matsuri Festival

Toyohama's Heated Festival For Lifting Gorgeous 'Chosa' of 2tons High In The Sky

Chosa is a drum stand. Here in Toyohama, 23 chosa get together, rock around each other, and people lift them up high in the sky at the finale.

Kotohiki Park Zenigata Sand Picture

Spiritual Place Of A Huge Sand Picture In A Town Famous For Luck With Money

Kan'onji City is known for luck with money because there's a stand where has got the winning lottery of the highest prize money in Japan. People who see this huge sand picture of old currency 'Kan'ei Tsuho (寛永通宝)' can be favored with money for a lifetime.

Mampuku-ji Temple

Wisteria Temple In Kagawa! Wonderful Wisteria Trellis Spreading The Length Of The Precinct

Mampuku-ji is famous as a wisteria temple in Kagawa Prefecture. The wisteria trellis with some kinds, white and purple, spreads the length of the precinct, which is worth seeing. I could enjoy the bright spring scenery from the bench under the roof of wisteria.

Fudo Waterfall

Fall Foliage And Fudo Waterfall, One Of The 100 Best Scenery In Kagawa Prefecture

Fudo Waterfall in Mitoyo City is one of the 100 Best Scenery In Kagawa, and you can enjoy cherry blossom in spring and fall foliage in autumn. It's located between Shippou Mountain that had a connection with Kobo Daishi (a great priest), so you can feel relaxed to see the water falls and autumn leaves together in this area with rich nature.

Kotohiki Park

Cherry Blossoms All Over The Large Park With Beautiful Nature

As a national scenic place, Kotohiki Park has beautiful nature such as sea, mountains and pinewoods. And this park is selected as one of the 100 best cherry blossom spots in Japan. In spring, you can see so beautiful and picturesque cherry blossoms here. Many people enjoy hanami.

Kotohira Hachimangu's big drums

Kotohira Hachimangu's Chosa

Toyohama is well known, but Kanonji's Chosa is as admirable as Toyohama's.

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