Mt. Shiude

Mt. Shiude is one of the best places to travel in Mitoyo-shi, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Mt. Shiude posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

Mt. Shiude 6 Reviews


Superphotogenic Hydrangeas & Seascape

Mt.Shiude is a well known spot for the sunning view of Seto Inland Sea. In rainy season, it becomes a best spot of viewing hydrangeas and makes superphotogenic scenery with the sea.◎There're many hydrangeas but my faovrite view can be seen from the parking lot.


Have A Special Seat! Lovely View Of Setouchi

Seen from the mountain, islands of Seto Inland Sea are beautiful so much. Mt.Shiude is a popular spot to view Setouchi, called 'beauty of the sea with many small islands'. The observatory on the mountain top is famous, but this observatory beside the parking lot is a photogenic special seat.◎I know, you want to go to the main observatory on the top first, but one beside the parking is also nice. Don’t miss it.


Fascinating Spring Scenery Of Cherry Blossoms & Sea Of Setouchi

Mt.Shiude is a popular spot for the whole view of Setouchi. In spring, it gets crowded most in a year. Along the slopes of the mountain, numberless cherry trees are in full bloom proudly. And with the panorama of Setouchi, I want to burn the scenery into my eyes!◎A traffic jam is caused for parking lots around the mountain top. Early in the morning could be better. ※Some people climb up on foot from the bottom.


The Superb View Of Setouchi

Green islands floating on the calm blue sea. That's the very scenery of Setouchi. It's from a parking lot.


The Moving Scenery of Cherry Blossom in Setouchi

For people can't be satisfied with only cherry blossoms. Viewing cherry blossoms with superb view. This is the way of Kagawa cherry blossom viewing.


The Scenery From An Observation Platform

You can see the beautiful scenery from a parking lot, but after a ten minutes walk up, there's an observation platform. There the superb panoramic view are waiting you.