Best Tourist Spots In Shozu-gun

Here're best Tourist Spots in Shozu-gun, Kagawa. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Shozu-gun.

Best Tourist Spots In Shozu-gun [1-10]

1Angel Road

The sand beach appearing by the tidal range is called Angel Road, and it's said that lovers who cross this road by holding hands can become happy. I recommend to visit here at romantic dusk.◎2 times in a day, you can cross the road during 2 hours before and after low tide. You need to check the time of low tide beforehand.

The Engel Road appears twice a day and totally for only 8 hours at low tide. So, it's 33% emergence rate. if you go there, you must check the time.

2Shodoshima Olive Park

Located at Shodoshima Olive Park, The Greek Windmill was built as a proof of a sister island to Milos Island. And this windmill facing to the beautiful Seto Inland Sea and surrounded with olive trees is a best place to take pictures in Shodoshima Island.◎Access: 5 min walk from a free parking lot of a Road Station: Shodoshima Olive Park. You can also walk from a neighboring Olive Garden.

A live-action movie 'Kiki's Delivery Service' of Miyazaki Movie used this open set. It's located in Shodoshima Olive Park and appeared as a bakery Kiki worked for. The shop 'corico' now sells cute goods and herbs with the movie's atmosphere as it is.◎Located in Shodoshima Olive Park and near the parking lot.

3Teshima Art Museum

Teshima Art Museum at Teshima Island in Kagawa. As well as the main art building, you can enjoy the scenery of Seto Inland Sea and terraced rice fields before you arrive there. Because of the good location, this scenery is one of the arts that the museum visitors can see.◎Benches are prepared, you can see the views comfortably. It's possible to enter the museum many times in a day, enjoy the views of different times.

A concrete building without any pillars. Its two holes are open as if it rains, and take in the sunshine, winds and rains on Teshima Island as they are. Mysterious movement of a 'spring' that changes every moment in the art and its sounds attract people for many hours.◎However many times you can enter the museum in a day and enjoy the different aspects of day and night. Little known tips: some repeaters watch for a chance to come on rainy days. The other aspect differ from that of the sunny days can be seen.

4Nakayama Senmaida

Located at Shodoshima Island, Nakayama Senmaida is one of the 100 most beautiful terraced rice field in Japan. Surrounded by the mountains in the island, the green and gold rice fields spreads like stairs, and it's a comfort scenery of old time in Japan. I thought it beautiful for the first time in my life. The best season is between May and September.◎From the rear of the crowded dinner 'Komame Shokudo', go up by car along the street, then you can find here. A popular photo spot is toward the path of 'no vehicles' to go to the 'Water Spot'.

There is the only one such a beautiful landscape of rice terrace in Kagawa that is selected as the best 100 in Japan. As you see, the contrast between blue and green is nice. I think it symbolizes peaceful Shodoshima Island. As the roads to the photo spots are narrow, going on foot is better than by a car.

5Terraced Rice Fields At Karato In Teshima Island

Te-shima is located almost in the middle of Kagawa and Okayama. The slope of the 255th prefectural road at Karato area is beautiful photogenic road with peaceful terraced rice fields and Setouchi ocean view. Let's enjoy cycling at beautiful Te-shima Island♪◎255th Prefectural Road near Tashima Art Museum. Access: a public bus is possible, but to hire an electric bicycle would be better for travel around Te-shima Island

6A national park Kankakei Gorge

Kankakei in Shodoshima is one of the three most beautiful valleys in Japan, and best place to see fall foliage. The autumn colored mountains and Seto Inland Sea form indescribable scenery. I like the view seen from Takatori Observatory at the mountain top.◎The first pic taken at Daiichi Observatory. The second and third pics taken at Takatori Observatory. Fall foliage of the mountain top begins from the middle of November, and goes down to the foot. You can enjoy fall foliage for a long term because of the altitude.

Kagawa's best autumn scenery, Kankakei Gorge. The beautiful and impressive view can be seen from the observatory as high as the top of Tokyo Sky Tree. Takatori Observatory offers the superb view!

71000 Years Old Huge Olive Tree

This huge olive tree bears flowers and fruits even now the age of 1000. The unique shape also has the strong life force. Located at a lookout point, it could be nice for you to sit on a bench near the tree and enjoy the Shodoshima Island's time passing slowly.◎Access: the signboard 'Olive Forest オリーブの森' on the 254th prefectural road. 7 min from Tonosho Port by car. You can see it for free.

8Teshima Island

This spring is said to be dug by a priest Kukai and now it becomes a precious water for people in the island. It is designated as a superb water in Sanuki and the important cultural asset.

It's the calm scenery of Teshima Island. They revive the terraced rice field under the project of food and art. There is a photo spot to stop by on just top of the hill.

9Sakate Port

A wall painting 'Shodoshima Engi Emaki' is one of the project of Setouchi International Art Festival. A painter Miki Okamura painted the concept of an artist Kenji Yabe. The close description is an art worth seeing. What's more, very Instagenic!◎It's located at Sakate Port of Shodoshima Jumbo Ferry.

10Teshima Island Art Tour

An art island 'Teshima' has many art works because of the Setouchi Triennial (art festival) hold every three years. Some arts are in harmony with the island scenery like the sea and rice fields, and some give us a surprise. Making an art tour is one of the attraction of the island trip.◎You can see and enjoy the arts even out of the term of Setouchi Triennial. It'll be convenient for you to check beforehand because each art has holidays.