Best Restaurants In Kagawa

Here're best Restaurants in Kagawa. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kagawa.

Best Restaurants In Kagawa [1-10]


Nio is a resort in Kagawa. Veranda is on a small hill, a lovely resort café. A garden like Bali, a nice view terrace, any seats will be attractive, but I wanna have a terrace seat!

You can have a gracious time while gazing away the Seto Inland Sea at a terrace seats. The cafe's dog is friendly and lovely, please go to see the dog.◎It opens only on Sundays now. And they have temporary closure, you should make it sure beforehand.

They open only on Sundays and holidays, make us feel special holiday!

2Kaikosha Café

A café adjoining an important cultural asset Old-Zentsuji Kaikousya. Roast beef between rye bread is not very strong as it looked.

Wheat 'Sanuki-no yune' is developed for Kagawa's specialty, udon noodle. And it makes the doughnut chewy. I want to go again to eat it.

3Morikuni Sake Brewing Cafe&Bar

The only sake brewer in Shodoshima Island, and it's still young, but they may mark a new era in Japanese sake! A café was rrenovated from the old factory of tsukudani (food boiled down in sweetened soy sauce). Enjoy a slow time like in the island.

It's a bakery of Morikuni Shuzo, the only sake brewery in Shodoshima Island. The bun is made from powder of rice used for sake. The fried one is piping hot and very fluffy.

4Cafe Die Mahne Lowe

A pastry loved by the local people. The sweets made by a famous chef are all delicious that you must eat once.

A pudding made by a representative pastry in Kagawa. As soon as you put in your mouth, you may say 'sooooft'.


A designer tells senses of comfort and time that he feels now. I think there is a calm comfort even in an extraordinary room. It's a nice café we can spend a good time.

What a slow and comfort time we can spend in the café. It's a tasteful sea port town.

6Sky Restaurant Fiore

Inside the restaurant is unified blue and white, refreshing but calm atmosphere. I think it's good for both lunch and dinner. And the scenery of Setouchi sea and town from 20th floor is also nice. Tamamo castle is seen, too. I recommend to visit here at twilight.


Cover is crunchy and foodstuffs are soft. If you eat it at once, you'll never forget.

8Sun Resort Nio

Pizza Sun Resort topped with pancetta of Sanuki Yume Buta(local pork), pepperoncino spaghetti of Ibuki sardine and Mitoyo vegetables. Using the local foodstuffs, you cannot eat them at any other restaurants, and open atmosphere makes me stay there for a long time.

Its scorched parts looks the genuine pizza, doesn't it? With melting cheese, fresh tomatoes. The size is sufficiently big.

You can eat as much as you want if you order the lunch set meal. The fresh local foodstuffs are delicious for the reasonable price. But be careful not to eat too much for the pizza after it.

9Tuda no Matsubara Service Area

Seasoned with say sauce, and egg, dried bonito and leek mixed with udon noodle. And dynamically Americanized hamburger. It remains the udon taste strongly but is the new feeling of flour gourmet. Limited only Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Udon noodles in the crisp cutlet and lots of chedder cheese. Who likes B-grade gourmet would be satisfied fully. A famous chef of some hotel suggested this hamburger.

A hot dog made of the locally grown wajyu beef and udon noodle seasoned similar to sukiyaki. The olive beef stewed with sugar and soy sauce tastes good.

10Hoshigoe no Sato

A genuine Berkshire is rare. Soft and really tasty though it's cut thick.

The pork cutlet and the big prawns made me perfectly satisfied.

Here's a pork Hamburg uses Sanuki Yume Buta pork (the locally grown quality pork). It was similar to a sausage and very delicious like the same as the other dishes.