Best Tourist Spots In Shizuoka

Here're best Tourist Spots in Shizuoka. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Shizuoka.

Best Tourist Spots In Shizuoka [1-10]

1Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival

Kawazu Zakura Festival is annually held from February to March. Kawazu cherry blossom and canola flowers blooming at the riverside. I like this lovely colors of pink and yellow.

The earliest cherry blossoms in Japan, is Kawazu Zakura. It started from one original tree in Kawazu of Shizuoka Prefecture, has deeper color of pink than other cherry blossoms. Anyway, it's very lovely, isn't it?

2Okuni Shrine

Okuni Shrine is a famous spot to see autumn colors in Shizuoka. Its highlight is the ray of light falling to the bridge. It appears at 8:30 in the morning. Many people come and fill up the place to take pictures, so it's better for you to go earlier than the morning sun rises!

I could feel the coolness surrounded with fresh greens, and have a relaxing time released from the daily life. From May to June, adjoining Ichinomiya Iris Garden opens, but it's over in 2018. Kotomachi Yokocho Town has various shop to eat sweets and drink tea.

3Mt. Fuji

Mt.Fuji climbing is restricted within the short term during the year. On the way to its top, you have to experience the hard roads and environment. But, at the end of the journey on the top, the supreme panorama extends as far as the only successful people can see.

First Sunrise Mt. Fuji Flight circles closer to the mountain than the ordinary flights. The weather was so good, and I was very impressed with Mt. Fuji on the wonderful sea of clouds and the heavenly sunrise!

4Shiraito Falls

Shiraito Falls is selected as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan. From the cliff of 20 meters high and 150 meters in width, hundreds of small and big falls dropping like white threads. They're so beautiful and show us a fantastic scenery.

There're many waterfalls like silk thread. And in the morning of sunny days, there's high probability of rainbow. I was so lucky that I could see the double rainbow! The early morning is the best to visit here.◎Morning of sunny day is the best! You can see rainbow and Mt. Fuji.

5Tsumekisaki Park

Numerous shining narcissus at a vast site where we can feel the sweet fragrance! Let's enjoy this dreamlike scenery.

With a beautiful Cobalt Blue Sea in Izushimoda, Suzaki Peninsula's Tsumekisaki Garden is a gregarious spot of as many as 3 million wild narcissuses. Enjoy the New Year's walk on the sea side wrapped in sweet scent. Narcissus Festival is held till the beginning of February.

6Satta Touge Pass

You can see the magnificent Mt.Fuji from the observatory, and even a snow-covered Fuji in winter! Taking pictures by long-seconds-exposure, the cars become like laser beam. You need winter clothes.◎Parking area is available but limited. Public Lavatory is available.

The night view from here on sunny day, was a breathtakingly wonderful. The parking area is available. and it has easy access. In daytime, we can see Mt. Fuji and Izu Peninsula clearly.

7Dream Suspension Bridge (Yume-no Tsuribashi)

A milky blue lake at Sumata George with rich nature. You must be fascinated with the beautiful scenery as it is in these pics. To see this Dream Bridge, you need to drive the mountain roads for as long as 1 hour, and some places has only one lane... We have rarely seen this secluded scenery.

The suspension bridge has appeared in a Japanese TV commercial. I walked above the emerald green lake. You can enjoy the wonderful view like you walk into the another world.◎30 min walk from Sunomata-kyo Onsen in Shizuoka Prefecture. There're free parking area for 300 cars in the town (becomes toll in the tourist season). After the bridge, the steep steps continues so far.


The cherry blossom and canola flowers are blooming along the Urui River. On the day of Mt. Fuji appearing beyond the blossoms, we can see breathtakingly beautiful scenery. What's more, when the trees are lighted-up, we can enjoy fantastic cherry blossom viewing here!

By car, 15 min from JR Shin Fuji Station, or 10 min from JR Fuji Station. By car, 10 min from Tomei Fuji IC. There're no parking area or bathroom.

9Hamamatsu Flower Park

This huge park is three hundred thousands square meters and seasonal flowers bloom one after another here. Arts of 'mosai-culture' that is three-dimensional combination of flowers are noteworthy. Wonderful arts of flowers and greens will welcome you.

'The Most Beautiful Garden Of Cherry Blossom & Tulip In The World' with 1300 trees of cherry and 500 thousand tulips is now at their best to see. There're many places to take pictures, and there's also a zoo together, we can enjoy this place all day long.


The light tunnel as long as 450 meters is classed top one in Japan. What's more, the fountain show has the Japan's record of 150 meters high water pillars. It must be a good memory for families and couples.


A Tunnel Of Lights

I could walk in a Tunnel Of Lights. Only the Light Fountain Show needs fees to see, but we can see almost all of the other illuminations for free. There're some food stands also, we can enjoy them together.