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  • 9/24/1996
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I love flowers♡

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marry cafe opens only now. It opened in Yokohama last year, but now in Umeda! There're so many flowers displayed, and a cake decorated by myself is also very cute♡

The exhibition of Mika Ninagawa & Hiroko Ninagawa at Kanaz Forest Of Creation. We can take pictures of these beautiful flowers. It's very wonderful world.

Lotus flowers look more beautiful against the background of Ibuki and Yamamoto mountains. The pink scenery spreading to the surface is very lovely. What's more, we can drive along the lake.


Summer Wind Bell Festival

Shoju-in Temple has Wind Bell Festival in summer. It takes 40 min from the city, so it's better to access by car. The shining cool sounds of the wind bells make us feel summer.

Shoju-in Temple is famous for its heart-shaped fusuma door. It's very cute and beautiful. Through the window, we can enjoy seeing seasonal scenery, such as cherry blossom, fresh green leaves, autumn colors, and snow-covered garden.

Double-petaled cherry blossom of Ikagu Shrine becomes best to see around Golden Week Holidays (holidays in early May in Japan), and we can see the beautiful cherry blossoms that have another attraction of Somei Yoshino Cherry. What's more, even after the blossoms fall, the ground becomes like a pink carpet. That's also beautiful♡


Beautiful Road Lined With Trees

It's a road in Makino, Shiga. We can see the seasonal beautiful scenery here. It's must-visit place in Shiga!

At Hosoguchi Ike Park, we can see the collaboration of cherry blossom and daffodil. Without any entrance fees, it's good place to enjoy walking around. Let's go to see this beautiful contrast of pink and yellow.

The cherry blossom along Takatoki River is little known place and there're less people. We can drive through the road, and see the cherry blossom world through the window. In May, the cherry blossom is over though, we enjoy seeing Koinobori (carp streamers) here.

You can see the early cherry blossom Kawazu Zakura in Kansai Region not only in Kawazu. If you travel in Kyoto, you're encouraged to visit Yodo Waterway to see Kawazu Zakura. They dyes pink along the river. It becomes at its best in the middle of March. Why don't you come to feel spring?