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I like to travel and go various cafes very much! These days, I'm interested in visiting fashionable hostels, too. I'm going to post nice scenery, buildings, sweets and so on that I met during my travels.

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It's a popular shaved ice served by a chic onsen like a cafe! It's perfect for us to eat shaved ice after taking onsen! For its fluffy ice, we can eat all of it easily.

COPOLI is a cafe of lovely doughnuts! The room has a relaxing atmosphere, so it's nice for a rest during shopping or for sweets time♡

I ate 'Oiri' soft-served ice cream at a famous Ritsurin Garden in Kagawa Prefecture. The beautiful scenery and colorful 'Oiri' are both very photogenic, aren't they?

Bizanten Shrine is very popular as a love-spiritual power spot among many women in Tokushima. The colorful 'Hime-mikuji (fortune slip) and heart-shaped stones are photogenic and attract us very much.

Strawberry Fair is now being taken place! Every sweet has many sweet and delicious strawberries! They look lovely, and photogenic so much!

You can have a relaxed time at a scenic cafe located among the mountain. Its curry is authentic, and I like the chicken curry with good soft meat.

ADLIV is a chic hostel renovated from a printing factory. They put up tents in the factory, so we can enjoy glamping without circumstance.


Fluffy Cotton Candy Pancake

Novia Novio is a cafe managed by a wedding hall, so it's spacious and we can feel relaxed. Many of their seasonal limited sweets have lovely appearances and, of course, are delicious!

Fuku.Cafe's specialty is rich cheese cake. Black and white, these two kinds of cheese cakes are lovely and photogenic! I like to share the two and eat to compare.

Asa Hiru Tokidoki Ban Gohan Door! is a lovely cafe with a wall of doors like fairy tales! The room has stairwell, and we can feel relaxed and have a leisurely time.