Best Cherry Blossom Spots In Aichi

Here're best Cherry Blossom Spots in Aichi. We released a ranking of reviews about Cherry Blossom Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Aichi.

Best Cherry Blossom Spots In Aichi [1-7]


Kawazu Cherry Blossoms In Shinshiro


Beautiful Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Over The Tunnel

It's a well-known place where we can see cherry blossoms over the tunnel. When you get out of the tunnel, there're wonderful Kawazu cherry blossom trees. Bikes and cars run as usual, so please take them into consideration.


Spring, As We Go Through The Tunnel

Because of the effects of Instagram, Kawazu cherry blossom of Shinshiro has become so famous that many people come to see from other prefectures. With the silhouettes, we can see the people's feelings for coming spring. It's an ordinary road, so be careful when you take pictures.


Hotei Daibutsu (Statue Of Buddha In Hotei)


Great Buddha Statue With Sunglasses, Taking Cherry-Blossom Bath In Spring

A Great Buddha Statue in Konan, Aichi. To be surprised, it's bigger than Nara's Great Buddha Statue! We can see it wearing sunglasses of traffic lights, and taking a cherry-blossom bath in spring. It's a little-known spot!


Shonai Ryokuchi Park


BBQ Under The Full-Bloom Cherry Blossoms

I really enjoyed BBQ under the cherry blossoms!


Feeling Of Exhilaration To Going Through The Cherry Blossom Tunnel, And A Breath Of Spring

So many cherry blossom trees along as long as 9 kilometers bank of Kiso River. They have been planted since Meiji 18 (1885), and now there're over 400 trees, such as Higan Zakura and Shidare (weeping cherry blossom) Zakura. I took these pics last year when they were in full-bloom.


Goyōsui-ato Gaien Park


Spring Cherry Blossom Walking Path Along The River

Located at Kita-ku, Nagoya, it's a famous cherry blossom viewing spot which has more than 400 trees along the 1.5 kilometers Hori-kawa River. For there're not any parking area near here, so we enjoy walking under the trees. And it's also good for jogging. I have two pictures taken in different white balance.


Sanagawa Bank


Cherry Blossom Tunnel Lasting Hundreds Meters Long

Sanagawa Bank has cherry blossom trees and canola flowers at the both sides lasting hundreds meters long. Many people know the collaboration of the two flowers though, I focused on only cherry blossom trees to express the tunnel continued far away.


Hosoguchi Ike Park


Cherry Blossom & Daffodil Blooming Together

At Hosoguchi Ike Park, we can see the collaboration of cherry blossom and daffodil. Without any entrance fees, it's good place to enjoy walking around. Let's go to see this beautiful contrast of pink and yellow.