Hotei Daibutsu (Statue Of Buddha In Hotei)

Hotei Daibutsu is one of the best places to go in Konan, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.  Here're guides for access, map, spots nearby, reviews and photos of Hotei Daibutsu posted by Japanese travelers who have actually been there.[last modified: ]

Hotei Daibutsu (Statue Of Buddha In Hotei) 2 Reviews


Great Buddha Statue With Sunglasses, Taking Cherry-Blossom Bath In Spring

A Great Buddha Statue in Konan, Aichi. To be surprised, it's bigger than Nara's Great Buddha Statue! We can see it wearing sunglasses of traffic lights, and taking a cherry-blossom bath in spring. It's a little-known spot!


Curious Spot! A Statue Of Buddha With Sunglasses

It's a curious spot you can see a statue of Buddha (Hotei's Daibutsu) wearing sunglasses! And its eyes flash in red when the lights blinks.◎Access: walk 10 or 15min from Hotei Station of Inuyama Line