Shonai Ryokuchi Park


Shonai Ryokuchi Park is one of the best places to travel in Nagoya Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Shonai Ryokuchi Park posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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BBQ Under The Full-Bloom Cherry Blossoms

I really enjoyed BBQ under the cherry blossoms!



1-30 Kamiotai Nishi-ku, nagoya-shi, aichi


Just near Shonai Ryokuchi Park Station (Gate No.2). By bus, 20min from Nagoya Station to Shonai Bridge, then walk 2min. By car, 5min from Yamada Higashi IC.



Nearby Things To Do

Nagoya Castle

Weighs About 88 Kg! Shining 'Golden Shachihoko'

Very Impressive pair of Shachihoko which is 2.5 meters long. Standing calmly near the urban district of public offices, Nagoya Castle was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu as the last preparation to conquer the whole country. Night illumination exaggerates the beauty of its white walls.

Wakeoe Shrine

Beautiful Hand-Purify Fountain At Wakeoe Shrine Famous For Its Red Stampbook

I just dropped by Wakeoe Shrine after shopping, but I was fascinated with the beautiful Temizusha (hand- purify fountain) that was seen only in this season.


Japan's Biggest & So Cool Planetarium Of Carl Zeiss

Your thoughts go to the universe, stars and Carl Zeiss by very real planetarium. Be careful to the sleepiness because the chair is so comfortable. Anything else, you can enjoy astronomy machines, chemical exhibitions, and so forth.

Tokugawa Garden

A Japanese garden You Can Feel Peace Of Mind

Tokugawa-en Garden is very nice for walking in this season. I could feel peace of my mind very much. You should visit here in early summer!

Sky Promenade

A Great Observatory Commanding The Whole Nagoya City With Comfortable Breeze

Going up from the 42nd floor of Midland Square, there's an observatory commands the whole view of Nagoya city. The night view of course, the daytime is also magnificent. For the well of its architecture, you can feel the comfortable breeze together.

Art Aquarium Exhibition - Nagoya, Elegance Of Kingyo -

You Must See NOW! Art Aquarium Of Goldfish Associated With Japan

This goldfish art aquarium is exhibited from 7/21 to 9/16. It's for the first time in four years, and excellent as a summer event. You can enjoy art of Japanese atmosphere and goldfish a in cool room.

Nagoya TV Tower

The Fusion Of Night View From Observatory And Projection Mapping

From 7/14 to 9/24 at a 90 meters observatory of Nagoya TV Tower, you can see the collaboration of images that expresses the underwater world and the night view of Nagoya. The moment of the downtown of Nagoya changing into the underwater town, must make you really moved.

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