Best Spots With Beautiful Flowers In Aichi

Here're best Spots With Beautiful Flowers in Aichi. We released a ranking of reviews about Spots With Beautiful Flowers posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Aichi.

Best Spots With Beautiful Flowers In Aichi [1-10]


Honko-ji Temple


Hydrangeas All Around The Precinct Of Honko-ji Temple

I like the atmosphere of hydrangea and the temple. There're hydrangeas all over the temple also over the gate. Together with Katahara Onsen Hydrangea Village and Takeshima Island, you can enjoy sites around here all day.


Hydrangea Temple

Honkou-ji Temple, in Kouta-cho, Aichi, is famous for its hydrangea. There's an approach of hydrangea, and it fascinates visitors. I like this atmosphere very much.


Mimo Shrine With Colorful Hydrangeas

Mimo Jinja is a small shrine located in a suburb, and famous for its hydrangea. Its purification fountain is filled up with floating hydrangea, which is colorful and artistic. As an excellent place in Instagram, there're many people even at 7:00 in the morning.


Mimo Shrine With Many Beautiful Hydrangea

Many people visited Hydrangea Festival at Mimo Shrine on this day. It was raining though, it's elegant, isn't it? The hydrangea is going to be in full-bloom soon.


Katahara Onsen Hydrangea Village


Paradise Of Hydrangea Expressive Each Time

You can see cheerful hydrangea with beautiful sky during the day, and fantastic expressions from dusk to night. In addition, fireflies can be seen at some place, I could enjoy all day long.


Over 50 Thousand Hydrangeas Renowned As A Photo Shoot Location In Tokai Region

Ajisai-no Sato (Hydrangea Village) located near Katahara Onsen is very photogenic as you see! For there're many slopes and the visibility opens widely, you can take pictures of landscape with many hydrangeas. What's more, the photos could be calm composition if you take the pond in. You can also enjoy the lighting show!◎When you access by car, please stop by at Sanganesan Sky Line which is a road with hydrangeas at both sides. The parking area is available. but it's get very crowded every year. When you use pubic transportation, it's walkable from Mikawakashima Station of Meitestu Line, or during Hydrangea Festival, a non-stop bus is available from south gate of Kamagori Station. Please check in detail at web pages of Katahara Onsen.


Chausuyama Highlands


Beautiful Hill Of Pink Moss On The Mountain Top Commanding The Japan South Alps

Under the clear sky on beautiful sunny day, I could see the amazing hill covered with pink moss from the mountain top! I enjoyed also the lift to go slowly to the destination. You must be excited at the pink scenery that appears bit by bit.◎Pink Moss Hill is located on the mountain top and has no other roads to access, so you need to take the traffic jam into account. The parking area is relatively vacant in early morning. You can enter with your companion animals, and ride lift with small dogs! During Shibazakura (Pink Moss) Festival, the light-up show are took place.


400 Thousand Roots Of Pink Moss All Over The Scenic Hill

Taking a lift and standing on the top of the hill, there're pink moss all over the large site! I could see a great view from here, and have a relaxing time very much.◎Access by only car. There's a parking area for 1000 cars. There's no bus service, so use some tours if you don't drive.


Irago Canola Flower Garden


Carpet Of Canola Flower & Happy Yellow Mailbox

The canola flower festival tells that spring has come to Irago Cape of Atsumi Peninsula. There're many places to take pictures, a carpet of canola flower, happy yellow mailbox (you cannot post letters), and cradle bench.


Hotei Daibutsu (Statue Of Buddha In Hotei)


Great Buddha Statue With Sunglasses, Taking Cherry-Blossom Bath In Spring

A Great Buddha Statue in Konan, Aichi. To be surprised, it's bigger than Nara's Great Buddha Statue! We can see it wearing sunglasses of traffic lights, and taking a cherry-blossom bath in spring. It's a little-known spot!


Wakeoe Shrine


Beautiful Hand-Purify Fountain At Wakeoe Shrine Famous For Its Red Stampbook

I just dropped by Wakeoe Shrine after shopping, but I was fascinated with the beautiful Temizusha (hand- purify fountain) that was seen only in this season. ◎Wakeoe Shrine is popular for the colorful stampbook (Gosyuin: monk write the seals with red ink). You can get a limited stampbook from 6/23-6/30. Please check out Facebook from the official web site.


Shonai Ryokuchi Park


BBQ Under The Full-Bloom Cherry Blossoms

I really enjoyed BBQ under the cherry blossoms!


Yakachi River


Red Carpet Of Cluster Amaryllis Covered The Bank

I can say only wonderful for the scenery of as many as 2 million cluster amaryllis blooming together along the 2 kilometers bank. On the day of a wedding ceremony held at a shrine nearby, the bridal line of people walk along the cluster amaryllis, and it's worth seeing!◎10 min walk from Handa Station of Meitetsu Kouwa Line.