Best Restaurants In Chuo-ku

Here're best Restaurants in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Chuo-ku.

Best Restaurants In Chuo-ku [1-10]




Six Kinds Of Citrus Sweets And All-You-Can-Drink Teas

The citrus sweets made elaborately one by one. Some cakes taste refreshing, and others taste rich with cream cheese and nuts, so we can eat all of them without being tired of the tastes. The all-you-can-drink tea is served in cup, not in pot, so as to drink various kinds of tea.


Unison Tailor Ningyocho


Fluffy And Melting French Toast

Fluffy and melting French toast with ice cream. I love this piping hot toast and cold ice cream! Also, the sweet toast and a little bitter cafe latte are excellent each other.


PARIYA Nihonbashi


Cute & Very Delicious Strawberry Sponge Cake

PARIYA’s sponge cake has soft dough and many strawberries. The appearance is cute and also the taste is good. We can eat box meal in the shop and take drink for free. It's directly connected with Nihonbashi station.




Cool Room & Menu Excellent In Summer

A limited-open cafe designed by Japanese actress Mari Natsuki. It opened till September 17th. The beverages and interiors whose colors are based on green, make us feel cooler.


And People Ginza


Fantastic And Lovely Cafe

The another world as soon as I come out of the elevator! And the fantastic room starts after we open the door to the floor. They prepare various cafe menus, and also we can enjoy unusual room with projection mapping and leisurely sofas.


The Grand Lounge


Supreme Millefeuille! Afternoon Tea With So Many Strawberries

From THE GRAND GINZA, at the 13th floor of GINZA SIX, this Strawberry Afternoon Tea is now on sale. By the millefeuille on the other plate, they can write a massage beautifully with chocolate and make a surprise.


Ginza Furukawa


The Hamburg Steak with Stew Sauce, the Taste Brings Happiness!

The restaurant specializes in a stew and curry and is really famous. I often visit here for lunch. They are proud of the tender hamburg steak with specially rich stew sauce.


Tuskiji Dontaku


Much Fresher Than Others! Seafood Rice Bowl In The Market

Sea urchin eggs, salmon roe and a tuna. It's fresher than any other restaurants because it's in the market.


Very Delicious But Unknown Restaurant of Japanese Eel

They are particular about using only domestic ells and finish to grill softly. Topped with grated yam and a quail's egg. This is the genuine unatoro-don.


The Specialty Dish of Tokyo 'Edomae Tendon' You have to Wait for 2 Hours at Least to Eat

Tokyo boast the specialty dish 'Tendon'. There is unbelievable queue at front of the restaurant at a lunch time and you have to wait. But it is worth waiting. It has many crispy shrimps, large congers, eggs, shellfishes with a secret sauce. The tendon is ultimate delicious.