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  • 1/24/1990
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Small Things Coffee has just opened in July. It stands in a polishing plant of scissors and nippers. I feel very calm though it's a small room. We can enjoy coffee and cakes while reading Korean books.

There're so many kinds of home-roasted coffee that I can't decide which to choose. The tea room, seems to be renovated from an old house, has nostalgic atmosphere. I had a custard pudding with good-bitter caramel sauce, which is excellent with coffee.

It's a nice cafe filled with the owner's selected favorites, such as coffee and foods of course, and interior, cutlery and chairs. This is a place I want to visit many times. By the way, I want you to see the nice owner, too.


Open-Air Spacious Terrace

It's a cashless cafe just opened in Kitasando. We can order beforehand by the application. I like to enjoy coffee at the spacious terrace on the beautiful day.

It's one of the cafes I have wanted to go when I visit Sapporo. We can eat tasty coffee and sweets while we listen to the soundtrack that the owner selects. It opens till 12:00 in the midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

ORIMINE BAKERS has a heat shop at Tsukiji. And a lovely bear welcomes the visitors at its Kachidoki shop. They offer many smaller breads good for a tea break.

A coffee I drink to make myself relaxed in the calm room is excellent for the beginning of a new day. THE GOOD GOODIES is a place I want to visit at first in Kamakura. They sell cut flowers on weekends.

GELATERIA SANTi is a specialty shop of gelato made from mainly Shōnan foodstuffs without any artificial additives. Even walking the narrow path through the shop makes us excited. They change the menu every season, so we can enjoy various gelato.

At the second floor where the sunlight comes, the fluffy mats are spread and we can feel relaxed. Even after we finish the meals, it makes us forget the time and stay comfortably.


Coffee Makes Us Feel Elegant

I drunk the original blended coffee of Costa Rica and Guatemala. As soon as I drink it, the elegant flavor spread to my mouth. All the staffs have beautiful smiles, so they make me want to come this coffee stand again and again.