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I often go to hotels' afternoon tea and cafes in Kansai Region and Tokyo. I have afternoon teas 150 times a year. I know all about afternoon teas in Kansai Region.

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Conrad Osaka's afternoon tea is colored purple, which is this year's trended color and also the brand color of Conrad Osaka. Using blackcurrants, figs, blueberries and purple grapes, they are finished in vibrant sweets and food.

In Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store opened after renewal, a famous chocolatier MARIEBELLE's new style store, MARIEBELLE THE LOUNGE has just opened. You can choose your favorite ganaches, and the afternoon tea comes with MARIEBELLE's tea.

THE WESTIN MIYAKO KYOTO offers afternoon tea inspired by rose and collaborated with SOTHYS, a skincare salon in Paris. For one afternoon tea, one set of SOTHYS products are prepared together.

The theme of COURTYARD MARRIOTT Ginza Tobu Hotel is 'Wa (Japanese) multiplied by afternoon tea'. It combines autumn foods such as chestnut and pumpkin with Japanese flavor like kinako (soybean flour), yuzu citron and sesame.

Ritz Carlton Osaka offers afternoon tea inspired by pearl and collaborated with MIKIMOTO. We can get a ticket to change the original gift at a shop of MIKIMOTO.

Yagoto-no Dangoya offers 'Dango-ya San Set' with sweetened bean sauce that changes every season. With it, spicy Okoge (grilled rice) and matcha or houji tea are served together.

Cafe Rosa offers a big parfait that is inspired by roses. The petals shaped by ruby grapefruit and crape make the parfait look gorgeous.

The Bean-tea Set 'Matsu' is a gorgeous one including canelé, fruit sandwich, quiche, and five kinds of bread served of a two-layered stand. We can bring back if we cannot eat all bread.

Bagel Cafe Mar_go, located near Kurashiki, Nakasho Station, offers afternoon tea with many grapes. It's served with shaved-ice parfait tastes strawberry, melon or mango. What's more, for drink, we can order smoothie or juice.

THE WESTIN Osaka's lobby lounge offers Pink Rose Afternoon Tea from September to November. It's lovely afternoon tea colored pink made frm rose cream, beet, rose hip and so forth.