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  • 8/1/1976
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KAKAO FRIENDS APEACH CAFE in Busan arrived in Omotesando in December. The first floor is for goods sale, and the second floor is for a cafe. We can enjoy lovely drinks of APEACH and doughnut collaborated with DUMBO.

PARIYA’s sponge cake has soft dough and many strawberries. The appearance is cute and also the taste is good. We can eat box meal in the shop and take drink for free. It's directly connected with Nihonbashi station.

Kisshokaryo is famous for parfait very much. But we can eat something of Kinako (soy bean flour), seasonal fruit, and also meals. Their Ocha-zuke (rice in soup) with Yuba (soy milk skin), we can choose one stock soup from two kinds, is vary delicious.

Near Yasaka Pagoda in Kyoto. A special Starbucks standing Ninen-zaka Street. It merges into the town landscape of Kyoto so much that you will pass by if you don't know. It has a room of tatami-mat seats in the second floor, so we can drink coffee while we feel the special Japanese atmosphere.

TORIANON is a good-old confectionery store located in front of Koenji Station. We can enjoy both of never-changing deliciousness and good-old atmosphere. Their Pudding À La Mode arranged on a silver plate tastes good and make us feel relieved.

HAYTOKYO is a term-limited store of HAY, an European interior shop in Denmark. It'll be opened for one year since October. We can drink coffee which uses coffee beans of a famous cafe fuglen at the corner of the floor.

Roar Coffeehouse & Roastery makes tasty and lovely rainbow latte. If we order it for white base, they offer double espresso separately, so we pour it by ourselves and make latte. It's very reasonable.

Nijubashi SQUARE has just built in Marunouchi. And lovely PIERRE HERMÉ written in Japanese katakana letters. I like hot thick cocoa with Marunouchi illuminations in this season.



Ralph's COFFEE is in Omotesando RALPH LAUREN. We can drink tasty coffee and cafe latte of coffee beans used in NY. Their sandwich and sweets are also big enough to make us full.

Toshima-en has many beautiful lighted spots at night. It's a nice place for a date. If you visit Toshima-en in this season, you should stay until the illumination starts at night.