Best Restaurants In Shibuya-ku

Here're best Restaurants in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Shibuya-ku.

Best Restaurants In Shibuya-ku [1-10]

1The Little Bakery Tokyo

These big puddings has funny texture of popping vanilla beans! The rich taste of egg is excellent with whip cream. It's delicious so much! The whole shop is photogenic and lovely. This is my favorite shop!

We often see the pictures of the fashionable wallpaper and mirror in SNS. It's not only fashionable, but also its bread and custard pudding are delicious of course! I feel like to be in a foreign interior shop.

Many chic breads in the airy shop. It's nice to eat here, or you can bring them out of course. They offer the pudding on a plate, and put fresh cream for about 50 yen.

2World Breakfast Allday

World Breakfast Allday offers traditional breakfast and drinks of all over the world. They prepare special menu that changes the country every two month, in addition to the always-menu. From August to September, it's Norwegian breakfast. We can enjoy cuisine and food culture that you are not familiar with in Japan. Your body and mind can become energetic thanks to a slow breakfast.


A room where time goes slowly and I forget being in Shibuya. They offer sweets as regular menu and monthly ones. You can enjoy coffee without thinking about time.


FAR EAST TEA COMPANY is a milk tea specialty stand opened at 'Nombei Yokocho (Drinkers Alley)' in Shibuya. They offer only milk tea made of Japanese domestic tea leaves. You can enjoy fragrance of tea leaves and take a deep breath at this nice tea stand.

5Katane Cafe

This café is between Yoyogi-uehara and Hatagaya. Underground floor is a café and the first a bakery. You can eat delicious breads in the café.


Its antique style of interior stirs up a woman's heart just being at the room. The sweets made by the chef-owner are very delicious. This time, I enjoyed black cherry clafoutis and hot chocolate.

7GARTEN Coffee & Seasonal Wishes

I drunk the original blended coffee of Costa Rica and Guatemala. As soon as I drink it, the elegant flavor spread to my mouth. All the staffs have beautiful smiles, so they make me want to come this coffee stand again and again.


Their sufficient Salad Lunch with soup, baguette and drink is 1500 yen. The original blended coffee are roasted here and tastes good. What's more, various sweets are offered, too.

9Accueil Ebisu

Offered only new year's days from 1/5 to 1/20, Accueil's pancake has an excellent combination of fresh strawberry and nougat ice cream. It can make us full and feel happy.



Delicious Sandwich

Ampere is a cafe offering big and delicious sandwich. I specially like their fruit sandwich with seasonal fruit, and I ate chestnut sandwich this time. It's not so sweet that you never get tired of it, though with the much cream!