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I write about the places or events I actuary visited! Now I'm on the second tour in 47 prefectures in Japan since May 2016 (47/30). Nikon D5300

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Arranged Like Rainbow, One Of The Best Flower Scenes In Hokkaido

Farm Tomita is one of the best tourist spots in Hokkaido where the summer is shorter than other prefectures in Japan, and has as large as 15 ha flower fields with mainly lavender. Every year, lively flowers with seven colors bloom like rainbow at the gentle hill!◎Please check the link to get how to access here. If you come from outside of Hokkaido, Asahikawa Airport is the nearest from Farm Tomita.


1.5 Million Sunflowers At Japan's Largest Sunflower Field

Sunflower Festival at Hokuryu Himawari-no Sato is the largest scale one in Japan. You can see as many as 1.5 million sunflowers and enjoy flower maze that appears every year. The best season is August!◎Sunflower Festival in 2018: 7/14-8/19. I'd love for you to try ice cream with sunflower seeds sold only here! Sunflower Maze requires the fee, but the sunflower field is free.


Stunning Colorful Flower Field In Hokkaido

Hokkaido's Taisetsuzan Mountains and a town of hill Biei are covered with colorful flower fields from spring to autumn. At Shikisai-no Oka, you can see the flowers as far as the eye can see, and it's summed up in the statement that 'beautiful'.◎25 min walk from Bibaushi Station of JR Furano Line. If you rent a bicycle at JR Biei Station, you can see around there. Or, rent-a-car will be convenient.


Flower Carpet 2018 Using Petals Blooming In Hokkaido

2018 is a 5th time of Flower Carpet. Citizen volunteers make colorful flower carpet using petals grown in Hokkaido such as rose and carnation.◎Since this year, Photo View Spot has put to over look the flower carpet. Place: Kitasanjo Square (bynane: Akapura). Event date: 2018, 6/21-24. Illumination hours: 18:00-21:00. The last day on 24th, it opens till 16:30, and you can walk on the flower carpet during Free Walking 16:30-16:45.


A Water City Matsue, The First English Garden In Japan

A beautiful English garden that made as a first one in Japan. Against the background of Ashinoko Lake, you can enjoy walking around in the garden with the seasonal flowers for free.◎To access here, take Ichibata Train to English Garden. No admission fees.


Enishizuku Umbrella Sky, Decorating The Rainy Season In Matsue

At a garden terrace of Karakoro Kobo, Enishizuku Umbrella Sky is a display for tourism promotion by Matsue Tourism Association. There're many colorful umbrellas hung from the ceiling 4 meters high in the rainy season. ◎Enishizuku Umbrella Sky is displayed from June 1st to July 31st, 9:30-18:30. The sunlight comes down through the umbrellas and makes the ground colorful!


Must Visit Place For Couples! An Observatory Commanding The Whole Night View Of Kyoto

As a famous dating-spot to see the night view of Kyoto, Shogun-zuka Mound City Observatory commands the whole view of the city including Kyoto Tower. What's more, you can experience the special visiting at nearby Seiryuden Temple in spring and autumn when you've time. ◎To access, about 1000 yen by taxi, or you can use cars or go on foot barely. This City Observatory is opened for 24 hours and free.


Child Jizo Images Standing Calmly At A Beautiful Moss-Covered Garden

Ohara Sanzen-in Temple has two Japanese gardens, Shuheki-en with beautiful fresh greens, and Yusei-en with six lovely child Jizo images. You can enjoy walking leisurely, and let's find them!


Like A World In Movie! Photogenic Shop Standing With Nature

It stands in the woods against the background of Mt. Hachiman, and its roof is totally covered with grass. This architect has so impressive design that makes me wonder I enter the world in some movies.◎It's a confectionery shop such as CLUB HARIE's Baumkuchen, Japanese sweets and also western style sweets. You can buy them to go, or use cafe. I rented bicycle from Omihachiman Station, and it took 20 or 30 min. There're bus service from Omihachiman Station!


Splendid Yellow Scenery! Japan's Best Canola Flower Festival

Takikawa Nanohana (Canola Flower) Festival, took place in Takikawa City of Hokkaido, is said to be the best one in Japan. Everyone, the splendid yellow scenery in the huge site, is worth while visiting. Canola Flower Festival is May 26th and 27th in 2018.◎Canola Flower Festival is May 26 and 27 in 2018. Canola Flower Week: May 23-29. During the week, Nanohana taxi, rental bicycle, observatory, and toll parking area are available. To get more details, please check the link.