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  • 10/14/1990
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The pier in the hotel is for guests visiting by private ship. I long for such a check-in.

The cafe in Japanese hot spring town Wakura Onsen seems like being in Paris. The terrace likes being on the sea and you can have a great ocean view if it's sunny. Because the cafe is very popular, you should better to visit as soon as it opens.

It is named Gold-Baumkuchen and really plated with gold. I was very surprised and excited to open the box. Because it is made from selected eggs and honey, of course delicious and makes me elegant feeling.

A pineapple crème brulee of Noto milk, a roll cake of Kaga tea and Noto's azuki bean and a cake of Ishikawa's grape called ruby roman. He makes the most of the local foodstuffs and arrange them daringly, why don't you taste the Tsujiguchi's world.

We can have the original Japanese food mainly on fresh and many kinds of Noto  seafood.  The steak is sirloin of  Noto beef.  I was relaxed and enjoyed the dinner in my room.

The room decorated with bamboo is so nice to see the Nanao Bay.  There are the open air bath and the Japanese style room with tatami mat to have dinner, I was satisfied very much.

A Japanese style hotel "Tada-ya" in Wakura hot spring resort has a room with open air bath. A supreme bath time while you watching the sunset of Nanao Bay.

People in this area call rosy seabass "nodoguro". You should eat the fish if you visit Kanazawa.

An affiliated restaurant of famous "Mitstukawa". Enjoy the seafood for sushi you cannot eat except in Kanazawa.

The dessert 'Natsukanto' is made from summer oranges that is very rare and specialty of Oimatsu. Never forget the refined sourness, strong floavor and springy.