Shoju-in Temple

Shoju-in Temple is one of the best places to travel in Tsuzuki-gun, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Shoju-in Temple posted by Japanese travelers in the know. Shouju-in and Shōju-in are all the same place in this page.

Shoju-in Temple 13 Reviews

Shoju-in Temple is now a topic of conversation. One of the reason is this Inome Window with attractive fresh greens. Inome means heart shape and brings good fortune, then it has been used since the ancient times! What is more, at the same drawing room, there're 160 beautiful painting on the ceiling to delight the visitors.

Shouju-in Temple is famous for heart-shaped Inome Window. What's more, Wind Bell Festival (Furin Matsuri) in only summer is lovely wherever you take pictures. The wind bells ring all at once with the winds blow, and they make us forget the summer heat. ◎Reservation is required since 2018. Except for cars, it's difficult to access here, so you need to prepare well beforehand.

Shouju-in Temple is famous for the lovely heart-shaped window called Inome-mado. Not only the window, I was fascinated with the beautiful paintings on the ceiling that are different one by one. In summer, you can also enjoy tea in the beautiful sounds of wind bell.

Shoju-in Temple has a wind-bell (Furin) festival every summer. There're many wind-bells in the precinct and they make refreshing sounds all around. You can also enjoy finding the different patterns of 47 prefectures in Japan, and painting on wind-bells!◎Wind-bell Festival 7/1~9/18 in 2017

I went to Shoju-in Temple to see Fūrin Matsuri (Wind Bell Festival), 'cause it's going to be held till the middle of September. They offered tea and something sweet, so I could take a deep breath and enjoy pleasant time.

Shouju-in Temple is famous for a lovely Inome Window (a heart-shapes window). And, they open Wind Bell Festival (Furin Matsuri) from July 1st. You can enjoy the Japanese summer atmosphere so much!

Although the weather was terrible because of the heavy rain, the mellow sounds of wind bell and the tranquil atmosphere took my daily strain away.◎Since 2018, you need make a reservation to visit Shouju-in Temple. And the roads to access here are narrow, be careful when you drive.

I think Shōjuin Temple is good place to come on hot days in summer, because it's located in the mountains and a little cooler. Visitors must make a reservation since 2018, so you can enjoy seeing around the temple leisurely without getting into crowd.◎You need to get the advance ticket during Wind Chine Festival

Shoju-in Temple is famous for its heart-shaped fusuma door. It's very cute and beautiful. Through the window, we can enjoy seeing seasonal scenery, such as cherry blossom, fresh green leaves, autumn colors, and snow-covered garden.

Shoju-in is famous as a wind-chime temple in Kyoto. And, its heart-shaped window has got enormous popularity among SNS in recent years.

Shoju-in Temple holds a Wind Bell Festival during summer. Its heart-shaped window named 'Inome Mado' has become the center of tourist attraction specially because it's excellent for Instagram. What's more, 160 pieces of ceiling pictures are worth seeing so much.◎Wind Bell Festival (Fūrin Matsuri): from July 1st to September 18th. Since 2018, you need to reserve to visit during the festival by Ticket Pia on the web or double postcard for 600 yen. A ticket sold on the day for 800 yen is prepared limitedly.


Summer Wind Bell Festival

Shoju-in Temple has Wind Bell Festival in summer. It takes 40 min from the city, so it's better to access by car. The shining cool sounds of the wind bells make us feel summer.