• Osaka
  • 5/1/1998
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I love this place. There's a great view of Lake Biwa in front of me, and I could feel relaxed at a private seats.

It's voluminous so much and as satisfying as one meal. Each of the three layers has different character. It's ideal parfait as a reward for myself! I want all sweets-loving people to eat.

Located at 28th floor of Conrad Tokyo, it has a great view of Odaiba and Hamarikyu Gardens. I recommend you to visit here on weekdays for you can take a good deal and there're some vacant seats. I could feel relaxed leisurely and forget daily life.

You can eat voluminous fruit sandwich at Fruit Parlor Yaoiso. I like their limited menu that are offered each season. If you come to Kyoto, must eat♡︎

It contains sponge cake, ice cream, and jelly. Contrary to its appearance, this parfait is so delicious and beyond my expectation! They prepare only 15 glasses a day, and require a reservation.

I went to Shoju-in Temple to see Fūrin Matsuri (Wind Bell Festival), 'cause it's going to be held till the middle of September. They offered tea and something sweet, so I could take a deep breath and enjoy pleasant time.


Metasequoia Avenue

It's very nice place we can enjoy various seasonal scenery. The trees and green mountain are both beautiful. I feel the time glides slowly in the calm atmosphere.

Tanabata Sky Lantern Festival held at Yodogawa Kasen Park in Osaka. It's like a world of Disney's 'Rapunzel'. Slowly and fluffy, we could be feel relaxed...

A parfait with sweetened blueberry, pineapple and kiwi by mint syrup, mousse made from blueberry and two kinds of cheese, and berry jam, lemon mint jelly on the others. In addition, the berry sauce comes separately with it.