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Even One Second Quicker! Freshly Made Abekawa Mochi At 200 Years Old House

You can eat freshly made Abekawa Mochi at Noro of Niigata Prefecture. This house was used for 200 years old by a farmer in Oku-aizu, and rebuild, I like the atmosphere! How happy eating the freshly made Abekawa Mochi is... Why don't you feel it?◎It's adjoins Toro Ruins Park, so you can walk in the park after eating them!


A Variety Store Opened By Short-Leg Cat Milk Who Lives In A Mysterious Woods

A variety store in Kichijoji, that has become a topic among cat-loving people. There're more than 3000 kinds of lovely variety goods of cat and woods! I like its original stickers, and the free wrapping is also cute.◎When you look for this shop, a mysterious wooden signboard will be a landmark!


Magic Makes Miura Peninsula Into Blue! Soleil Hill With Blooming Nemophila

From the end of April to the beginning of May, beautiful bright Nemophila flowers bloom at Soleil Hill at Miura Peninsula. The Nemophila blue scenery all of your sight will make you feel refreshed!


Tokyo Station Only. Wonderful Bar You Can Enter Into Picture Books

A bar opens during the limited terms, with a theme of wonderful forest closed in a picture book. When you screen the table by hands, the flowers bloom and the stars appear! You must be fascinated with the images on the table that change one after another. Even the cotton candy changes later!◎They prepare mainly non-alcohol cocktail.


Cherry Blossoms & 100 Thousand Tulips In The Spring Breeze

Shizuoka Prefectural Yoshida Park, known as a flower park, holds Tulip Festival in early spring, 60 kinds and 100 thousand tulips are amazing! They prepare some spots to take pictures of tulips and cherry blossoms together, so it's so much worth seeing and taking pictures.◎It's nice to stay leisurely at the lawn area, and walk with your dogs.


Ice Oracle At Himuro Shrine, A God Of Ice

Himuro Shrine in Nara Prefecture, you can draw an 'Ice Oracle (Kori Mikuji)' that is rare for other shrines. Putting the white paper on ice... Wow!? The letters are appearing! Let's have an exciting experience. ◎They sell the ordinary oracle, but only 'Ice Oracle' can appear the letters. Be careful not to buy the other one.


1000 Cherry Blossom Trees At Legendary Place Hideyoshi Built A Castle Within A Night

In Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, Sunomata Ichiya-jo Castle has a legend that Hideyoshi Toyotomi built it within a night. In the museum inside a castle, you can see the success of Hideyoshi. There're many stalls along the bank, so you can enjoy all day!◎Parking area near the bank is for 500 yen.


Beautiful Evening Glow At Todaiji Nigatsu-dou In Ancient Nara

Through Nara Park, the evening glow in the cloister of Todaiji Temple's Nigatsudou is really amazing! With the beautiful lights of lanterns, you can surrender yourselves to the tranquil time, and it makes your hearts pure.◎It's near Kasuga Taisha Shrine and Todaiji Temple. If you have time, please visit here, too.


100% Strawberry Shaved Ice At A Strawberry Farm In Yamanashi

Icy and juicy! At Farm Strawberry Cafe located with the orchid farm in Kofu, a shaved ice with strawberry flesh frozen as it is, has become a topic! I like the set with strawberry and coffee, you can't meet anywhere else.◎A cafe opens from February till the end of strawberry season.


Breathtakingly Beautiful! Goldfish Candy Created By Candy Artisan

This is a candy-work (Amezaiku) shop located at 4th floor of Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi. I was fascinated with the so beautiful candy-work that I can't eat! They prepare various motifs every season, and I think it's good for you to display it for a few days.◎If you're in good timing, you can see how to make the candy-work actually!