Best Restaurants In Japan

Here're best Restaurants in Japan. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Japan.

Best Restaurants In Japan [1-10]

1Conrad Osaka 40 SkyBar & Lounge

Sakura Spiral Afternoon Tea on a stand like spiral staircase, which is a symbol of Conrad Osaka. It tastes light, but each of them is delicious! The cherry blossom non-alcohol drink is served as a welcome drink.

Conrad Osaka's afternoon tea is colored purple, which is this year's trended color and also the brand color of Conrad Osaka. Using blackcurrants, figs, blueberries and purple grapes, they are finished in vibrant sweets and food.

Conrad Osaka 40 SkyBar & Lounge is very photogenic, and also their sweets are delicious! I like this lovely appearance of Halloween Afternoon Tea. The ordinary one, spiral afternoon tea is also my favorite.

2Parfait-teria Largo


Photogenic Parfaits

'Parfait & Alcohol, Parfait-teria Largo' is a cafe opens from daytime till night. They prepare sandwich and coffee for daytime, and parfait and drinks for night. The room is filled with greens and flowers, where we feel very relaxed.◎Just opened on 12/3 in Umeda, Osaka Prefecture.

Parfait-teria Largo is a parfait specialty cafe in Osaka. I had a mango parfait with limoncello, it looked like a beautiful summer sunshine. Two kinds of mango, refreshing yogurt, raspberry, and shining jelly. Add the limoncello whenever you like to make it grown-up taste. It looks beautiful, also tastes delicious.


Beautiful Parfait

Parfaiteria Largo opens late at night so that we eat parfait as the last dish of the day. Other foodie-website wrote that we cant reserve tables on holidays, but I saw many customers came with reservations. We may be able to reserve now....?

3Walden Woods Kyoto

A cafe named 'Walden Woods' with impressive lantern lights. The original style which has unified white interiors and no tables has become the center of attention just after it opened. Their homemade coffee and Chai Tea made one by one after ordered are very tasty!◎Open: 9:00-19:00 Irregular Holidays See the details in Instagram (

Walden Woods Kyoto is a cafe offers home-roasted coffee and chai tea. Its second floor has no tables, people can sit and lie down freely as they like.

As you go up the stairs with lanterns lined on each steps, you'll find a pure white world spreading to the whole room. We can have tasty home-roasted coffee and chai tea with some spices. There're no tables and chairs, so that we have a pleasant time.

4Fukushima Sugar

【In Fukushima Area of Osaka】 The season of strawberry has come. Fukushima Sugar has become a big talk as a delicious and photogenic cake shop, and now many reservation rushes to eat their cakes. They made all of the cakes one by one, and we must be excited at first sight!! They have rules to reserve tables and cakes, so please check their Instagram.

The strawberry tart and strawberry chocolate chip tart have an excellent balance of not-too-much sweetness and strawberry sourness! Together with the lovely appearance, they make me want to eat again and again.


Photogenic Sweets

Best seller strawberry sponge cake as one of the strawberry sweets started since the end of November. We must be fascinated with the lovely appearance, its sponginess and deliciousness. I can see the pain of owner in all sweets.

5The Little Bakery Tokyo

These big puddings has funny texture of popping vanilla beans! The rich taste of egg is excellent with whip cream. It's delicious so much! The whole shop is photogenic and lovely. This is my favorite shop!

We often see the pictures of the fashionable wallpaper and mirror in SNS. It's not only fashionable, but also its bread and custard pudding are delicious of course! I feel like to be in a foreign interior shop.

Many chic breads in the airy shop. It's nice to eat here, or you can bring them out of course. They offer the pudding on a plate, and put fresh cream for about 50 yen.

6Ton ton cafe

If you visit once, you may want to visit every month. Ton ton cafe's most seller is a lovely parfait that changes every month. On this day, I could have two kinds, January and February ones at the same time.

Ton ton cafe offers lovely parfait every month. In January, 'Būko Parfait' with a symbolic pig of this cafe. There're many lovely ornaments of pig in the room.

7Secondhand Book & Café KOTOBA-no HAOTO


Lovely Cat-Parfait

Best-seller Cat-Parfait that naturally makes us smile♡ Cute eyes, flower comb and even paw pads! The cat looks lovely from every angles. Their strawberry milk with marshmallow rabbit is also pretty and delicious♡♡

At this café, 'Nyanko (Kitty) Parfait' is famous, but I like this Maccha (Green Tea) Parfait. Rich maccha ice cream and azuki beans, you can enjoy much of Japanese taste. Then you find cute shiratama (sweet rice ball) hiding in it.◎Although it's a book café, they have cut's goods and diorama, and you can enjoy it lazily. They open here till the middle of July 2017, and will move to other place in August 2017.

Just started also this year, 'Nyanko Parfait Being In Love' has a good design for Valentine's Day and White Day. A sitting cat with flowers and heart-shaped ornaments is lovely so much! It'll be on sale till the end of March.

8smørrebrød kitchen nakanoshima

A restaurant of Northern European open sandwich what is called 'smørrebrød'. Their seasonal parfait also looks and tastes great. smørrebrød kitchen is located at the second floor of a historical Nakanoshima Library.

In a retro building Nakanoshima Library, you can eat smorrebrod food in Northern Europe and wine. You must be fascinated with this unknown cafe.◎Smorrebrod food is, in short, many ingredients on thin and soft bread. It's nice for it to open till 9:00 p.m.

Smorrebrod' is a local food of Nordic countries. It looks colorful open sandwiches and the tastes are also genuine because they use the fresh and safe foodstuffs. It's located in a historical building, Nakanoshima Library, so you can enjoy sandwiches at your own pace in the retro mood.

9KISSHOKARYO Gion Main Store

A parfait with sweetened blueberry, pineapple and kiwi by mint syrup, mousse made from blueberry and two kinds of cheese, and berry jam, lemon mint jelly on the others. In addition, the berry sauce comes separately with it.


Photogenic parfait

KISSHOKARYO is a kinako (soy bean flour) specialy shop. There're always a line of people to wait. At the first floor, they sell confectionery and home made cakes, and the second floor is a tea room. This photogenic parfait is a best-seller.

The appearance of course, the taste is also special. The topped meringue tastes strawberry and pistachio! Then under the meringue, there're many fresh cream which is not so sweet, and many strawberries.◎About 1500 yen. If you add more 400 yen, you can eat their specialty, half-sized Warabi Mochi together.

10Coffee Shop Soiree (Kissa Soware)

Coffee Shop Soiree offers a colorful and refreshing Jelly Punch in a room with retro interior decorations. They prepare some kinds of it, the tingling jelly punch with soda is a standard one. It can entertain you by its appearance, too.


Jelly Punch Like Jewels

Soiree's best-seller menu 'Jelly Punch' has fascinating five-color jelly sparkling like jewels. The lightly sweetened jelly is excellent for adults. What's more, I like the blue lighting makes retro atmosphere inside the cafe.