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I'll introduce photogenic sweets and places mainly in Kansai Region.

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So Lovely Shaved Ice

We can eat shaved ice with lovely bear face! White bear (white syrup) and yellow bear (citrus) with cute small eyes❤ I like the shop white-based exterior.

It's a limited menu for only summer, which looks cool and makes us forget the hot climate of Kyoto. The dashi soup and sudachi (refreshing citrus fruit) has good gentle fragrances, and smooth soba noodle can bring my chopsticks continuously. The soup is really delicious that I want to drink all of it.

Kissa Cafeteria is a retro cafe in Kagawa. Melon soda and strawberry soda are served together in one glass. They also offer many kinds of parfait.

Chichibugahama Beach in Mitoyo, Kagawa. It's called as Japanese Uyuni Salt Lake. We aimed for 30-minutes magic hour when the low tide and the sunset happen at the same time. It's really amazing scenery! I think I want to come again soon!

Nanami is a Japanese style cafe, renovated from an old house. I had a strawberry Mont Blanc on sale only this season. Fresh strawberry, pistachio gelato, milk custard pudding, strawberry sherbet... The pink mont blanc cream looks cute, but it changed into a parfait for grown-ups by the crisp crumble of rock salt! I love it!

Valentine Plate with chocolate gelato, chocolate cake, coffee pudding, and lovely sugar-powder stencils. The angel has a syringe of espresso to pour over the pudding. The dessert plate changes every season, so I'm looking forward to it every time.

Pavlova Parfait with with cute pink strawberry chocolate dip and edible flowers. The meringue is crisp and excellent with the cream. Strawberry Cream I ordered was like a strawberry sponge cake. They prepare also fresh cream, pistachio, chocolate & banana. What's more, cotton candy is possible to add!


Lovely Marshmallow Coffee

A lovely coffee with heart-shaped marshmallows. If you're not good at coffee, you can select hot chocolate. Chocolate sauce or caramel sauce. People who like something lovely must try it.

The most-seller cake 'Japanese Tart Strawberry Princess'. Strawberry princesses look happy to talk each other in the showcase. It has mild sweetness, so it's nice for people don't like too much sweetness.

Six colorful and big Shiratama (rice-cake-balls) on Kinako (soy bean flour). It's served with ice-cream-in-monaka, which makes us full. Shiratama is hot and very delicious.