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Here're best Restaurants in Europe. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Europe.

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Ile Saint-Louis, a small island in Paris, is the birthplace of ice cream in Paris. Berthillon is a long-established store on the island of Saint-Louis. If you get lost in the flavor, we recommend fruit-based sorbet. It's a great place to sit around the Seine, eat, walk around the city with ice cream, or take a summer trip.

Address:31 rue saint louis 75004, 4th District, Paris, France, Europe

Access:3 min walk, Pont Marie Station.





Cafe de Flore, one of the long-established cafes in Paris. Founded in 1887, it was also a place of relaxation for literary figures on the left bank, but it is no longer open due to the corona wreck. I'll leave the usual delicious chocolate show, but I'll be lonely until it resumes.

Address:France, Paris, 6th District, 172 boulevard Saint-Germain

Access:2 min walk, from Saint Germain des Pres Station




Peggy potion cake popular in London. The entrance, which changes its decoration depending on the season, was very impressive and lovely. The cupcakes are so cute. If you go in the morning, there are relatively few people so you can take pictures.

Address:Ebury Street 116, London, England

Access:10 min walk, from Victoria Station




Dalloway Terrace is a fashionable cafe near the British Museum. The flowers on the terrace seem to change depending on the season, and they are fairy tale and very cute. The pancakes I got here were also delicious with lemon flavor. Reservations are required to sit on the terrace!

Address:Fitzrovia, Great Russell St 16-22, London, England

Access:2 min walk, from Tottenham Court Road Station




Cafe Florian in Piazza San Marco, Venice. Famous as "the oldest cafe in the world" and "the birthplace of latte". The cafe latte and cakes served in the historic and luxurious store are exceptional

Address:57 Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy, Europe

Access:3 min walk, from San Marco Vallaresso Stop



There are several hamburger and lobster specialty stores in London. A splendid lobster that matches perfectly with the special lemon butter sauce is a luxurious taste that you will want to eat once in your life. All menus come with potatoes and salads, and especially at lunchtime, it's cheap, so be sure to give it a try.

Address:Threadneedle St 52, London, England

Access:5 min walk, from Monument Station




Meat dishes are the mainstream of Florentine cuisine, but the number of fish restaurants is gradually increasing. Above all, this is a popular restaurant where you can casually enjoy fresh seafood dishes. It is a nice point for girls to be able to order with half potions, which is rare overseas.

Address:Via del Proconsolo 16R, Firenze, Italy

Access:15 min walk, from Firenze SMN Station





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A lactose-free chocolatier that is not very familiar in Japan. I often see lactose-free at overseas organic supermarkets. There are several stores in Paris, but the photo is from the Marais area. A very cute chocolatier for gift boxes.

Address:46 rue des rosiers, 4th District, Paris, France

Access:4 min walk, from Saint Paul Station




Cafe Verlet

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Parisienne's oldest coffee shop in Paris. Enjoy more than 30 blends from around the world and cakes from the famous Parisian patisserie Carle Marretti. The coffee you get in the store is brewed in an unusual way, so enjoy the difference from other cafes.

Address:256, Rue Saint Honoré, 1er Arrondissement, Paris, France

Access:3 min walk, from Pyramides Station




A soup bar with a yellow pop outer wall as a landmark. A popular shop for women in Paris where you can always choose from 6 types that are organic. Save a little lunch fee ... The price that is kind to your wallet is also a point.

Address:33 Rue de Charonne, 11th District, Paris, France

Access:3 min walk, from Ledru Rollin Station





Remos, an Italian restaurant in Frankfurt, Germany. You can enjoy a pizza bigger than your face at an affordable price, as well as various pasta and sweets. All of the bathrooms in the basement are in pink and light blue, so if you take a selfie with a mirror, you'll be sure to look good on Instagram!

Address:Konferenzraum Management, Ulmenstraße 30, Frankfurt, Germany

Access:4 min walk, from Alte Oper Station




There are many colorful buildings in London's Notting Hill area. Among them, Churchill Arms is a bar with an outstanding presence where the entire building is decorated with colorful flowers. It's exciting just to see it from the outside.

Address:Kensington, 119 Kensington Church St, London, England

Access:5 min walk, from Notting Hill Station


Hours:11:00-24:00 [Sun]12:00-22:30



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The cafe with cute Tiffany Blue decor and flowers in Vladivostok, Russia. Breakfast is hearty and cheap. It is a popular shop for locals.

Address:Pogranichnaya Ulitsa 12, Vladivostok, Russia

Access:5 min by car or taxi, from Vladivostok Station




Chocolatiers and patisseries, when introduced to Parisians, all responded with the same impression, "The most delicious in Paris!" It's a Japanese shop. It's quietly located in the Marais area, but it's delicious no matter what you eat.

Address:45 Rue Saint-Paul, 4th District, Paris, France

Access:3 min walk, from Saint Paul Station





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A gelato that you definitely want to eat when you come to Italy. Amorino is cute and recommended because it will make a cute rose shape if you choose your favorite flavor. The taste was of course delicious.

Address:Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milano, Lombardia, Italy

Access:1 min walk, from Duomo Station



Soft Serve Society, an ice cream specialty store in London. At this store, you can eat soft serve ice cream that is rarely seen overseas, and you can customize ice + corn + decoration to your liking. There are also parfait and tapioca menus, so please give them a try!

Address:191 Victoria St, Market Hall, London, England

Access:3 min walk, from Victoria Station



I had breakfast at Aubaine Selfridges I found on Instagram. It seems to be a popular cafe among girls living in London, so I went to the morning and it was quite crowded. The location of this cafe is hard to understand in a department store, but a doorman guided me to the store.

Address:400 Oxford St, Marylebone, London, England

Access:4 min walk from Bond Street Station


Hours:10:00-22:00 [Sun]11:30-18:00


A cute cafe where the entire wall of the store is decorated with flowers. It's a popular cafe, so it's recommended to go at night because it's very crowded during the day.

Address:9-10 Market Pl, Fitzrovia, London, England

Access:3 min walk, from Oxford Circus Station


Hours:8:00-22:00 [Sun]08:00-23:00


A cute cafe in London. The inside of the store is pink and it's really cute. There are 7 cafes of the same series, and the interior is different for each store. This is a Knightsbridge store with a heart wall and a unicorn. Not to mention cute, the food is also very delicious.

Address:42 Hans, Knightsbridge, London, England

Access:5 min walk, from Knightsbridge station


Hours:8:00-23:00 [Sun]9:00-22:00


La Struk

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Sturkuri is a local dish that can be eaten in Zagreb. Among them, "La Struk" is very popular because it is a restaurant specializing in Sturkuri and has many reviews on Google Maps. The courtyard behind the restaurant is recommended because of its atmosphere.

Address:Skalinska ul. 5, Zagreb, Croatia

Access:7 min by car, from Glavni Kolodvor Station




Archie's, a fast food restaurant chained all over the UK, not only the interior of the restaurant, but also the hamburgers and milkshakes are pink and will definitely look great on Instagram.

Address:The Arndale Shopping Centre, Manchester, England

Access:5 min walk, from Manchester Victoria Station



At the cafe next to the Louvre, you can dine on this terrace while looking at the pyramids. We ate breakfast here, but it seems that there are light meals to dinner, so you can enjoy it at any time of the day.

Address: 93 Rue de Rivoli, 1er Arrondissement, Paris, France

Access:1 min walk, from Palais Royal Musée du Louvre Station




After all, when you go on a trip, you want to try local food. Zagreb is often made with meat such as katsuretsu, Sarma (like roll cabbage), and beef stew. Stari Fijaker can eat these Zagreb dishes, it's hearty and reasonably priced, so give it a try.

Address:6 Mesnička ul, Zagreb, Croatia

Access:5 min walk, from Glavni Kolodvor Station




Afternoon tea on the 35th floor of the five-star hotel "Shangri-La Hotel" in London. A great lounge where large windows are spread in the seats and you can relax and enjoy the landmarks of London. This is the only restaurant where you can enjoy the Tower Bridge and Afternoon Tea 3-tier Three Tires together!

Address:England, London, 31 St Thomas St

Access:Soon, from London Bridge Station




Borough Market, a market in London, England. You can get fresh high-quality seafood such as oysters and lobsters, as well as dozens of cheeses and wines, as well as take-out shops such as hamburgers, curries, Asian dishes, and sweets. Please drop in when you are hungry!

Address:Winchester Walk, London, England

Access:2 min walk, from London Bridge Station.



Castlecome is known as a beautiful village in the Cotswolds region, which has a wonderful English cityscape. Enjoy traditional English afternoon tea at the Manor House, a 14th-century aristocratic mansion converted into a hotel. Afternoon tea in a place with such an atmosphere. Please try it once

Address:Near, Bath, Castle Combe, Chippenham, Cotswolds, England

Access:15 min by car, from Chippenham Station



Ladurée cafe. There are several stores in Paris, France. You can enjoy cute cakes and drinks that make you happy, as well as a rich feeling in the luxurious and fashionable store. There is also a shop next door, so you can buy macaroons and other goods as souvenirs.

Address:16 Rue Royale, 75008, 8 District, Paris, France

Access:2 min walk, from Madeleine Station




Speaking of Italian sweets, gelato. There are many cute gelato shops everywhere, including the capital, Rome. There are various types of cups and corn as well as abundant flavors. If you go to Italy, you can't go home without eating ice cream!

Address:Via della Minerva 8, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Access:8 min by car, from Roma Termini Station






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KISU, an Asian restaurant in Frankfurt. You can eat innovative sushi that is unique to foreign countries and cannot be found in Japan. It's very artistic because it uses dry ice.

Address:Jahnstraße 51, Frankfurt, Germany

Access:4 min walk, from Eschenheimer Tor Station




It seems that various tastes change daily, but if you say tiramisu, this is it! The bitterness of espresso and the richness of mascarpone spread in your mouth! This is a must-visit place. Recommended when visiting Rialto Bridge.

Address:Calle al Ponte de la Guerra, 5364, Castello, Venice, Veneto, Italy

Access:5 min walk, from Rialto Stop



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