Most Instagenic Spots In Tottori Prefecture

Here're most instagenic spots in Tottori Prefecture, Japan. There're many instagram worthy spots you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as 'Tottori Sand Dunes' as the largest one in Japan, and a retro townscape of 'Kurayoshi White Wall Warehouses'. Then, we selected best instagenic ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Tottori.

7 Most Instagenic Spots In Tottori Prefecture


One of the Best Natural Hot Springs in Japan, The Outdoor Bath In the Japanese Garden as big as 1000 Tsubo

The bath contains a high proportion of radon and it's one of the world's best amount. I felt Wabi and Sabi a sense of beauty of Japan. So, it was ultimate relax time. And I recommend to reserve the open-air bath 'Shinzen no Yu' with the capacity of 20.

2Tottori Sand Dunes

The Largest Sandhill In Japan

A beautiful sandhill Formed By the Sea of Japan. It's worth seeing once in your life!

3Kurayoshi White Wall Warehouses

A Town Of Sekishu Tiles And White Wall Warehouses With A Sense Of Warmth

In San'in Resion, you often see roofs with red-brown tiles. Here's one of the towns known for this Sekishu Tiles, Kurayoshi White Wall Warehouses. There're many places that make you want to take pictures. Notice that the tiles change the color by weather!

4Kaike Onsen KASUITEI

Onsen Hotel With Grand Ocean In Front & Full Of Keen Services

It's not too much to say it's a hotel of perfect. Japanese style room with ocean view and café lounge like a museum. Among all, you must be moved by the scenery of hopeful morning sea.

5Togo-ike Lake

Known By 'Crane Lake'. Evening Views Of A Scenic Togo-ike Lake In Tottori

At Togo-ike Lake, yotsude-ami, a traditional way of net fishing using a hut to pull the net, is still carried out now. It shows us the very moving scene of the setting sun over the lake. The shape of the lake looks like a crane spreading its wings.

6Mitokusan Sanbutuji Temple

A National Treasure Tounyu-Dou Standing on the Cliff and the Worst Access in Japan

Tounyu-dou is built on the 900 meter cliff and the beauty is admired as the best in Japan. On the other hand, here is the training place, the mountain path is so steep that is called the worst access in Japan.

7Kajika Gaeru

Kajika Frog, a Symbol of Good Matchmaking

This Kajika frog is on Koitanihashi bridge. It has story that if you touch it, you will be given a good chance with someone. There was appeared in the movie 'Koitani-bashi'.

Most Instagenic Spots In Chugoku Region

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