Most Instagenic Spots In Hiroshima Prefecture

Here're most instagenic spots in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. There're many Instagram worthy spots you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as a huge marble art 'The Hill Of Hope', and a rabbit island 'Okunoshima'. Then, we selected best instagenic ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Hiroshima.

6 Most Instagenic Spots In Hiroshima Prefecture

1Itsukushima Shrine

A Moving Scene Of Torii & Fireworks In Summer Night Miyajima

Miyajima of Hiroshima Prefecture, has large fireworks display every summer. The scene of fireworks behind the torii gives us goose bumps. I really want you all to see it actually ones in your lives.


Used For Locations For TV Plays. A Fashionable Warehouse Facing To Seto Inland Sea

Nice holidays in Onomichi. 'Onomichi U2' is a complex of a hotel, restaurant and café. The redecorated terrace offers the view of calm Seto Inland Sea. You can spend fashionable and calm holidays in Onomichi♪

3Kousanji Museum

A Temple Became A Museum! Japan's Registered Tangible Cultural Properties Colored By Beautiful Flowers & Trees

Kousanji has some tangible cultural properties that were modeled on famous Nikko Tosho-gu. Now, it opens as a museum, and you can enjoy the artistic world with stunning flowers and trees.

4Kousanji Museum

'The Hill Of Hope', A Photogenic Marble Art Looked Attractive With Seto Inland Sea

At Ikuchi Island of Shimanami Coastal Road, Kousanji Museum has a white and huge marble art created by a sculptor active in Italy. Enjoy the photogenic space with the island's beautiful scenery.


Homemade Onomichi Chocolate Made From Only Sugar & Cacao At An Ocean View Factory

A scenic chocolate factory and a café in Mukai-shima Island. It's interesting to taste the chocolate of different producig countries one by one. The genuine chocolate made from only sugar and cacao tastes rich and simple. As a result, I bought all kinds♪ I'm gonna be chocolate-holic!

6Okunoshima Island

Rabbits & Ruins!? A Rabbit Island

Ookuno-shima is a small island in Seto Inland Sea. The island has a shadowy past that left a storehouse of poison gas and an electric power plant, but also has a bright side that over 700 rabbits welcome the visitors to the island. It's a precious island that is rare in the world.

Most Instagenic Spots In Chugoku Region

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