Renaissance Naruto Resort

Renaissance Naruto Resort is one of the best hotels to travel in Naruto-shi, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, reservation, access, map, spots nearby and photos of Renaissance Naruto Resort posted by Japanese travelers in the know.

Renaissance Naruto Resort 9 Reviews

An open-air bath on the 1st floor of Renaissance Resort Naruto, is very open structure connected to the outside by the big windows. Taking a bath with the scenery of Naruto Strait Bridge is special.

This hotel has a private beach and you can swim with a sidelong glance at O'naruto Bridge. It's nice for families and children for they prepare various kinds of activity.

Renaissance Naruto Resort has the garden with a bench at the perfect position to view the sea of Naruto. Of course, you don't need entrance fee, you can use your time to view the sea leisurely when you stay this hotel.

Renaissance Naruto Resort's 'Riviera Suite' has not only beautiful interior, but also the ocean of Naruto outside the window. You can see the wide view from the bathroom and it makes you refreshed in mind and body.

You can enjoy fishing pond at Renaissance Naruto Resort. The fish you catch can be cooked at a restaurant or released. Children of course, grown ups must be enthusiastic for it.◎You need the charge for fish and cooking separately.

Renaissance Naruto Resort prepares the 20-min light cruise from the hotel's private beech. Very comfortable sea winds blow across Naruto Strait, and you must feel refreshed.◎It's not a cruise to see the whirling currents. Fee: 2000 yen. Required height: more than 100 cm, and children under 12 years old needs to be accompanied by parents.

From a gorgeous breakfast restaurant in European style, a glittering ocean view. And able to choose Naruto's local foodstuffs for sandwiches and make it as you like. You can have an elegant morning in Nmaruto.

Ocean view of Naruto spreading in front of you. You can get over your fatigue in the open air bath while listening to the sounds of the waves.

Ocean view from all rooms of the resort hotel. Resort like design and a terrace you can feel comfortable sea breeze. Anyway, the sun rising above the Akashi Strait is so beautiful and worth seeing.