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Address:7-2 Hatoba-cho Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

Access:4 min walk from Minato Motomachi Station. By car or taxi. 5 min from Motomachi Station, 10 min from San'nomiya Station, 15 min from Shin Kobe Station, or 20 min from Kobe Airport.


Top Review:Welcome Fruits With Champagne

A full of assorted fruits and a bottle of champagne as the privilege of a stay.


Address:65 Yshimanishi-machi, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa


Top Review:Happy Morning And Breakfast You'll Never Forget

A hotel stuff prepares a breakfast politely. I could spent a luxury time with a view of Setouchi Sea that is privilege of this hotel. A crystallized honey jam of many flowers in Kagawa, I want to bring it home.


Address:1241-5 Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa


Top Review:Having Lunch At A Reserved Room 'Enju-kaku' Loved By Mori Ogai

Kotohira-kadan hotel has a separated room 'Enju-kaku' loved by Mori Ogai and you can have lunch there. It'll make you feel happiness to eat such a elegant lunch at a roomy and historical building.


Address:73 Chidori-cho, Matsue-shi, Shimane


Top Review:Shimane Wagyu Beef And Matsuba Gani Crab

Shimane wagyu beef has won the higher rank at a domestic contest. Its fat isn't too strong but the beef flavor spreads in mouth full. And Matsuba gani is eaten in only Sanin area (the east part of Japan's main island). It was worth coming!


Address:6969-1 Murotomisaki-cho, Muroto-shi, Kochi


Top Review:An Ocean View Library

I want to take a pride the nice ocean view library!! A interior based on white and the Pacific Ocean spreading on the whole surface. You can enjoy a reading time slowly with your favorite books before dinner.


Address:1300 KamiHatsuishi-machi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi


Top Review:The First Classic Hotel In Japan Registered As A Tangible Cultural Property

They started to run in Meiji 6 as an oldest classic hotel in Japan. The traditional interior, dishes and service, you can enjoy the Kanaya hospitality to your heart's content.


Address:1344 Obiraki Urasaki-cho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima


Top Review:A Breakfast Buffe I Want To Eat More Even Eat Heartily

You should go for this breakfast after feeling hungry. A quality Japanese foods are lined up. Using mainly the local foodstuffs, wagyu beef, eggs of hens fed oysters, and a whole sea bream. It was regrettable that I couldn't eat all kinds because of my full stomach.



3 Review

Address:1268 Koden, Gero-shi, Gifu


Top Review:Hida's Local Dishes You Can Eat in a Hotel Room

Hida beef and so on, the local dishes used mainly local foodstuffs. The famous dish 'hoba-yaki' is Hida beef grilled on a hoba leaf with miso. The good smell of a leaf wrapping the beef taste is wonderful.


Address:4-126 Hanasato-cho, Takayama-shi, Gifu


Top Review:Open in the Midnight, A Crowded Midnight Snack For Free

They provide a Chinese noodle in the midnight for free. The service will be pleasing for guests arrive the hotel at night. There was crowded to the line was formed.


Address:1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-5220-1111

Top Review:Be Sure to Eat a Stewed Wagyu Served By Breakfast Buffet

A chef in the egg corner cook after you ordered. The hotel's original stew of Japanese black beef (wagyu) was surprisingly delicious!


Address:7-20 Chayamachi Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


Top Review:The urban Hotel Like an Oasis You Can Experience in the Luxury Room

The world-famous architect Ando Tadao designed. This novel hotel stands in 5 minutes walk from Hankyu Umeda, and hold up a slogan of small luxury by meticulous attention for guests. I like the nice room like an oasis.


Address:742-2 Matsubara, Ito-shi, Shizuoka


Top Review:A Whole Red Snapper Dish Service in Izu

Izu is famous for red snapper dish. A whole red snapper poached with soy sauce. I was satisfied with this cozy hotel.


Address:2-11 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba


Top Review:Photos OK. A Breakfast With Disney Characters

At this hotel you can have a buffet breakfast with Mickey and his friends. All generations can have a good time.


Address:1-1-43 Abenosuji Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


Top Review:Free Abeno Harukas Observatory Only for Guests Before the Ordinary Open

This service is only for guests. They can use the observatory before open and see the scenery calmly before crowded on holiday,


Address:1300-34 Gora Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa


Top Review:A Private Open Air Bath with a Nice Atmosphere

The hotel has 3 open-air baths. If the bath is vacant, you can use it anytime and again only with your family or partner. So, Let's deepen the bonds between your family in the nice atmosphere.


Address:2-3 Akizuki-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki


Top Review:The Terrace Lounge Only for Guests to Relax while Seeing Nagasaki Night View

Guests staying at suite or royal room except for main building can drink and eat light meals freely in the terrace lounge. So, they can relax and spend luxury time while seeing Nagasaki night view.


Address:1-1-1 Kanayama-cho Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi


Top Review:Amazingly Many Menus of Breakfast Buffet

The menu of buffet is as many as lunch or dinner. I recommend a Japanese beef steak and omelet made of ingredients selected by yourself.



4 Review

Address:3-29 Okuhara-machi, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa


Top Review:Luxurious and Delicious Dinner of Noto's  Seafood Having in the Private Room

We can have the original Japanese food mainly on fresh and many kinds of Noto  seafood.  The steak is sirloin of  Noto beef.  I was relaxed and enjoyed the dinner in my room.



1 Review

Address:Hotakaariake, Azumino-shi, Nagano


Top Review:A Mountain Cottage, Enzan-sou You Can Enjoy Beer And Sweets On The Top Of Mt.Tsubakuro-dake

I climbed Mt.Tsubakuro-dake in September the season of colored leaves. In the North Alps in Japan, only this mountain has white surface and called queen, the scenery is beautiful and is popular among woman. Enzan-sou has substantial eating house and prepare down-filled quilt to sleep. Furthermore, all staffs are young and kind!


Address:16-45 Oge Tosadomariura Naruto-cho, Naruto-shi, Tokushima


Top Review:Catch The Naruto Sea Bream! A Fishing Pond Of Naruto's Fish

You can enjoy fishing pond at Renaissance Naruto Resort. The fish you catch can be cooked at a restaurant or released. Children of course, grown ups must be enthusiastic for it.◎You need the charge for fish and cooking separately.


Address:2237 Shimoda-kita Amakusa-machi, Amakusa-shi, Kumamoto


Top Review:The Amakusa Cuisine! Gorgeous Three Meals Of Amakusa's Special Foodstuffs & The Local Taste

Breakfast at a scenic terrace, an optional obento (lunch in a box) to bring together for a history exploration drive, and dinner at an elaborate private room. All of the three meals use the locally grown foodstuffs such as the seafood in sea of Amakusa, chicken named 'Amakusa Daio' and also the pork. These menus have a kind of stories and entertain both our eyes and mouths!


Address:940 Shinanoki Sengokuhara Hakonemachi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa


Top Review:Hakone's Excellent Water Bath With Your Dog Together! A Special 'Dog Friendly Room'

There is an exclusive bathtub with cute cabriole legs, and making the owner excited, for your pets in a room! After playing outside and in a room, you can take care your dog by the good water of Hakone. Even a dog with sensitive skin will be pleased.


Address:1-31-1 Asama Onsen, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano


Top Review:A Special Hotel's Hospitality 'Gotochi Raku' With Much Of Love For Matsumoto, In Shinshu Region

Artistic architecture and works displayed in the hotel are built and made by Japanese modern architect and craftsmen who have won some prizes in Matsumoto. The lobby concert hold everyday, this is because Matsumoto is called 'music city'. You can enjoy the special hospitality of 'Kai (Hoshino Resort's hotel brand)' and traditions of Matsumoto. Very impressive!◎Lobby concert is held everyday. Opening time 20:15~, 21:00~, for free.


Address:2nd floor, Shinsaibashi Daiwa Building, 1-12-20 , Osaka-shi, Osaka

Access:5 min walk from Shinsaibashi Station


Top Review:Hostel With A Library

THE DORM HOSTEL OSAKA has a library where we can spend time leisurely. There're more than 2000 books, and of course, books about travel. They prepare beverages we can drink for free such as original blended coffee.


KAI Anjin

2 Review

Address:5-12 Nagisa-cho, Ito-shi, Shizuoka, Japan

Access:5 min by car, from Ito Station


Top Review:All-You-Can-Drink Inn With Free Beer

The world-famous Hoshino Resort. I have stayed at Hoshino Resorts KAI. All-you-can-drink draft beer at the rest area after leaving the hot spring between 15: 00-22: 00! In addition, you can enjoy soft drinks and popsicles for free. And this is the view of the rest area! !! !! The inside of the building, which is made in the image of a ship, is like a deck deck!

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Address:7-2 Hatoba-cho Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

Access:4 min walk from Minato Motomachi Station. By car or taxi. 5 min from Motomachi Station, 10 min from San'nomiya Station, 15 min from Shin Kobe Station, or 20 min from Kobe Airport.


Top Review:Welcome Fruits With Champagne

A full of assorted fruits and a bottle of champagne as the privilege of a stay.