Best Spring Destinations In Hokkaido

Here're best Spring Destinations in Hokkaido. We released a ranking of reviews about Spring Destinations posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Hokkaido.

Best Spring Destinations In Hokkaido [1-7]


Hokkaido Governor’s Official Residence


Another Place Like A World Of Picture Book

Though it's located near the urban area, there's the another place with rich greens inside of the site. We can feel refreshed. Please check the opening hours because it changes by the season. I like walking here in the morning.


Nakajima Park


Spring Arrival In Sapporo

Nakajima Park is located inside the walkable area from Susukino, and well known as a refreshing place with rich green and water. It has various flowers in each season, and specially, cherry blossom in spring. They color the spring in Sapporo beautifully.◎Nakajima Park has many places to see such as a Japanese garden and Houhei-kan (western style house). One of the 100 best urban parks in Japan, the 100 best historical park in Japan. June 14th-16th: Hokkaido Jingu Festival (Sapporo Matsuri). Access: 10 min walk from Susukino. Nakajima-koen Station of Namboku (South-North) Subway Line.


Mishima Family's Pink Moss


Three Colors Collaboration Of Mt. Yotei, Canola Flowers & Pink Moss

The private garden is opened through the kind offices of Mishima Family. From the end of May to the early June is the best season to see, the colorful pink moss and yellow canola flowers bloom beautifully in the large garden. There're a few parking lots, please enjoy with good manner.


Shiretoko Pass


The Large Panorama from the Top of Shiretoko-Intersect-Street

The view spot is the top of Route 334 and you can see Rausudake Mountain on the north side and Kunashiri Island on the south. The street is prohibited from November to April, So the period of use is the shortest in Japan.


Shizunai Nijukken Cherry Blossom Road


Most Celebrated Spot Of Cherry Blossoms Along The 7 Kilometer Road

As for Hokkaido, you may recall the straight road that expends so far away. Along such a road, there're cherry blossom trees such as Ezo Yamazakura, standing as long as 7 kilometers, and you can enjoy driving there! I could see the voluminous cherry blossoms suitable for a large Hokkaido Prefecture!◎I uses the car headlights to take the first pic, there're no lights. For it's popular cherry blossom spot, more and more cars get together as the time becomes near noon. To access here, cars are most convenient, and you can park the roadside. The extra bus are available from Shizunai Station.


Christmas Tree


The Sunset Reflection On The Plastic Sheet In Biei

The scenery makes me feel spring in Biei, Hokkaido. I like the evening time specially. When you drive a car along the hill, you can see various forms of plastic sheet reflected by the setting sun.