Best Shops Of Strawberry Sweets In Kyoto-shi

Here're best Shops Of Strawberry Sweets in Kyoto-shi, Kyoto. We released a ranking of reviews about Shops Of Strawberry Sweets posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kyoto-shi.

Best Shops Of Strawberry Sweets In Kyoto-shi [1-10]


Maison De Frouge


Tea Mousee With A Big Strawberry On It

A mousee cake of tea and berry with a big strawberry. It has a not-strong tea taste, sour sweet berry sauce in it, and sweet dough on its bottom, these three make an excellent balance. Easy access from Karasuma Oike Station. A mousee cake of tea and berry for 630 yen. Paying beforehand, customers can reserve cakes.


Millefeuille Of A Strawberry Sweets Specialty Shop

Maison De Frouge is a strawberry sweets specialty shop offering strawberry all around a year. Of all others, Millefeuille is a good-seller, and we cut ribbon before eat it like opening a present. Please enjoy fully ripened delicious strawberries.


Mille-feuille Of Amaō Strawberry

It's so delicious mille-feuille whose crisp pie, strawberries and cream are excellently match. It's a little difficult to eat, but we never get tired of the tastes till the last bite. The strawberry tart my mother ate also looked delicious...


Photogenic Mille-Feuille

From Kamon Piu's best-seller mille-feuille, 'Amaō Strawberry mille-feuille' is now on sale. Beautiful strawberry, fresh cream, and crisp pie. With the berry sauce as you like, you can enjoy the mille-feuille till the last bite.


Photogenic Strawberry Sweets

Spilling Strawberry Parfait uses as many as one pack of strawberry. I'm happy to eat so many strawberries♡ It's prepared only ten glasses a day, so if you want to it, please visit just after the cafe opens!


So Many Strawberries Spilling Out

'Spilling Strawberry Parfait' for only 10 glasses a day! But all people who wait before the cafe opens, can eat it! There was almost 20, on this day. This parfait uses as many as one pack of strawberry. I love it!


Specially Made Sweets & Foods

Amaō Parfait, on sale from February, is sold from 2:00 in the afternoon and while the stocks last. As the cafe's name 'BY TWOTONE', we can enjoy two rooms with different atmosphere at this fashionable cafe.


Fruit Shop's Strawberry Rich Parfait

A simple parfait of Amaō strawberry (one of the famous kinds of Japanese strawberry), fresh cream, and vanilla ice cream. You can gorgeously enjoy the taste of strawberry that was selected by a fruit shop! They prepare it for the limited number for a day, so you should go early!


Parfait Of The Season's Special Fruits

We can eat parfaits of the season's best fruit. Their delicious strawberry parfait has a good balance of strawberry sourness and fresh cream sweetness, and we never get tired of eating to the last spoon. Their vegetable lunch cooked by a vegetable sommelier and is also best-seeler.




Very Voluminous Parfait With Strawberry From Top To Bottom

FUKUNAGA901 is proud of its parfait with full of seasonal fruit. Specially, Ichigo Yama Parfait (Strawberry Mountain Parfait) with its lovely appearance is one of the best-seller one!!


Afternoon Tea, Tea Room, Daimaru Kyoto


Photogenic Sweets Plate

On the dates of 5, they offer the 'Strawberry Afternoon Tea' with three times as many strawberries as they offer usually. It's a gorgeous plate we can enjoy four kinds of strawberry sweets.◎Strawberry Afternoon Tea Set is offered from 1/8 to 3/4. And, on 1/15, 1/25, 2/5 and 2/15, they use three times as many strawberries as they offer usually.


Oyatsu Kobo MASA


Photogenic Strawberry Parfait

Strawberry parfait with a cream puff on the top is now on sale. Many strawberries in a cream puff! We can enjoy various texture in it, which is offered from 12:00-17:00!