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I live in Kyoto. I enjoy various cafes with my son.

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Good-Chewy Tapioca

Sinanju is a specialty shop of Taiwan tapioca drink opened in Kyoto Teramachi! 'Brown Sugar Bubble Milk' with good-chewy tapioca is the biggest seller. People who love tapioca always get together here.


Beautiful Open Sandwiches

CAFE attmos. has just opened on 8/1 in Gojo, Kyoto. Their autumn menu starts from September, pear open sandwich has so beautiful rose-shaped pear and is really delicious.


Mille-feuille Of A Whole Peach

It's a cafe famous for photogenic mille-feuille! Only for this season, 'Whole Peach Mille-feuille' is now on sale. Inside the peach on the crispy pie, there're much of jelly! We can feel the happiness to eat a whole peach♡

THE ALLEY, a tea stand from Taiwan, opened its first shop in Kyoto! Their 'Brown Sugar Tapioca Latte' and 'Brown Sugar Matcha Latte' are so delicious that you'll like as soon as you drink. It's the hottest tea-stand that has always line of people waiting for tapioca!


Photogenic Drinks

'gourmandise café and store' has limited items collaborated with various characters! In this season, so lovely 'Strawberry Milk' in a bottle is now on sale♡ What's more, you can enjoy photogenic food, too!


Special Menu For Only Two Days

Dream Fruit Tea Set offered only on 5/22 and 6/19 has many fruit filled up in the glass! It has fruit tea and four kinds of fruit sandwiches. It starts from 14:00 till the stocks out, so you must go next 6/19!

Kissa Zou is a cafe with good-old atmosphere that has just opened on 4/11! Their best-seller ice cream soda has a variation of red, blue and green, and has a lovely 'cookie of Zou (elephant)' as a topping. An-butter Toast (azuki bean jam with butter) for only this Kyoto store is best for breakfast!


Photogenic Strawberry Sweets

Spilling Strawberry Parfait uses as many as one pack of strawberry. I'm happy to eat so many strawberries♡ It's prepared only ten glasses a day, so if you want to it, please visit just after the cafe opens!


Photogenic Sandwich

'Tofu & Vegetable Spice Marinate Sandwich' with lovely clown pick is the best-seller! It's healthy for tofu and many vegetables, and also has sufficient amount! ME ME ME is a fashionable cafe in Kyoto.


Delicious And Photogenic 'Chai'

Syphon Tatsuya, famous for delicious chai, has just moved and opened here. The 'spicy chai' and mild 'mock chai' are popular! Their chai to drink in a chic room with fascinating arts, is supreme♡