Best Local Specialty Restaurants In Kyoto-shi

Here're best Local Specialty Restaurants in Kyoto-shi, Kyoto. We released a ranking of reviews about Local Specialty Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kyoto-shi.

Best Local Specialty Restaurants In Kyoto-shi [1-10]


Coffee Shop Soiree (Kissa Soware)


Shining Colorful Jelly Punch

Coffee Shop Soiree offers a colorful and refreshing Jelly Punch in a room with retro interior decorations. They prepare some kinds of it, the tingling jelly punch with soda is a standard one. It can entertain you by its appearance, too.


Secondhand Book & Café KOTOBA-no HAOTO


Cute Japanese Style Parfait You Can Eat In Kyoto

At this café, 'Nyanko (Kitty) Parfait' is famous, but I like this Maccha (Green Tea) Parfait. Rich maccha ice cream and azuki beans, you can enjoy much of Japanese taste. Then you find cute shiratama (sweet rice ball) hiding in it.◎Although it's a book café, they have cut's goods and diorama, and you can enjoy it lazily. They open here till the middle of July 2017, and will move to other place in August 2017.


Panda no Sampomichi


Feel Sorry To Eat? Mitarashi Dango Of Cute Panda

Well sold at handmade market, mitarashi dango (rice cakes with sweetened soy sauce) named 'Pan-dango'. This shop offers freshly grilled one on the original panda plate, which makes it cuter. Not only its cute looks, I recommend it because of the deliciousness.◎Open: only Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Only available while the stocks last. There're no seats, but you can eat freshly grilled soft ones. Also they have ordinary mitarashi dango.


Umezono Kiyomizu Store


Mitarashi Dango and Warabi Mochi

The sweet shop is at Sannen zaka slope which leads to Kiyomizu temple. The Mitarashi dango (a dumpling covered with kuzu sauce seasoned with soy sauce and sugar) is good for people tired from walking on the slope. Because it is not big, I can eat 5 sticks. And a fresh warm one is exceptional.


eX cafe Arashiyama Main Store


Japanese Sweets Good To Eat In Kyoto

eX cafe's good seller menu 'Hokuhoku Odango Set'. Customers grill them on portable clay stove by their own, which will be very enjoyable and special. When your odango becomes brown a little, put sauce, and eat the freshly grilled one! The warm Matcha also makes you feel relief.


Unconventional But Somehow Familiar… A Cafe Renovated From A Public Bath

This is a cafe won popularity in Arashiyama. It's spacious and stylish, but the nostalgic water tap and towel has remained since the age of a public bath. You can eat some Kyoto food like 'Tohu Pasta' and sweets of maccha.◎For lunch, cafe, snacks and also dinner, since it opens till 20:00. You can buy some souvenirs. It has an easy access for it's located near the station.


SNOOPY CHA-YA Kyoto, Nishiki


Feel Sorry To Eat? Cute Foods Of SNOOPY

SNOOPY CHA-YA, there're three shops in Japan, offers foods and sweets that have shapes of SNOOPY. Each shop has limited menu, and you can eat Shiromiso Soup and Bubuzuke Pasta at this Nishiki shop. It's full of Kyoto essence!◎1st floor: shop 2nd floor: café You can use this café after sign in the shop. (no reservation) Takeout menu is prepared at 1st floor.


The NEXT DOOR, lower east nine hostel


How Photogenic♡ 'Watermelon-bar Tonic' For Only This Summer

Their coffee and café latte are well sold, but also 'Watermelon-bar Tonic' is recommendable♡ Frozen watermelon and Japan's popular ice 'Suika-bar' are put dynamically! It's like a dessert but it's a delicious and satisfying drink .◎For only summer, they prepare also coffee made by cold water. It's very best for you to drink them on the roof top under the summer sky on hot day!


Smiling 'Ebisu Yaki' Sold On Only Toka Ebisu Festival!

This 'Ebisu Yaki' is sold during 'Toka Ebisu Big Festival (a festival held around January 10th)' of Kyoto Ebisu Shrine. Smiling Ebisu (a Japanese god of business and one of the Seven Gods of Fortune) makes us happy. It contains azuki-bean jam and tastes like dorayaki. I like its small size that I can eat it in one mouth.◎There're often a line of people because it's photogenic for SNS. During the festival, they make it in the store, and you can buy one and take it out. They'll be sold during 1/8-1/12, but you need to confirmin detail.


Gyoza Bar Takatsuji Sukemasa


Recognized By Gyoza Loving People In Kyoto. Japanese Taste Gyoza With Full Of Kyoto's Foodstuffs

Although Kyoto has a strong image of Washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine), Kyoto takes the third-place of Gyoza consumption and there are many shops in the city. Among them, Sukemasa is particular about foodstuffs and taste of Kyoto. And their Gyoza has delicious rich taste but also light like Japanese cuisine, that I'm convinced of the popularity with women.