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I'm going to introduce my recommended spots where I've traveled, such as seasonal flowers and colored leaves, shrines and temples, traditional festivals, cafés and restaurants in Kyoto.

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An Elegant Bridge Palace, Taihei-kaku In Heian Jingu Shrine

A pond stroll style garden of 33000 ㎡ with beautiful seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms, sweet flag, colored leaves in autumn and so on. And it's divided into four areas. The elegant Taihei-kaku was rebuilt from Kyoto Imperial Palace and you can see around the pond from here.


Ishibe-kouji, A Stone Paved Road With Tasteful Hotels And Restaurants At Gion, Kyoto

In Kyoto, Gion, there's a stone paved road from a little south of Yasaka Shrine to the Nene Road in front of Kodai-ji shrine. You can see Japanese style hotels, Inaka-tei and Tamahan there.


Hello Kitty's Cha-soba Set Meal That Spreads The Culture Of Uji-cha Tea And Washoku

It's a Hello Kitty restaurant only in Kyoto. Maccha latte, cha-soba noodle, bubu-cha (rice soaked in a soup) and Kyoto style set meal, you can enjoy the meal of Kyoto and a pretty Kitty sitting by herself!


Cherry Blossoms At Daigo Temple, Well Known As Taiko Hideyoshi's Cherry Blossom Viewing At Daigo

A famous spot for cherry blossom viewing in Kyoto. A festival 'Ho-taiko cherry blossom viewing parade' is held every year on the second Sunday in April. You shouldn't miss Sanboin's beautiful circuit style garden designed by Hideyoshi himself. Ho-taiko is an another name of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.


A Lunch And Sweets In A Quiet And Good Sense Café Suitable For Kamakura

The first floor of the neat building is a café where they serve lunch with a drink and a cake for 1550 yen. The second floor is a French restaurant serving a set of desserts and a drink for 1100 yen.