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I like to travel and eat very much! I introduce places mainly in Kansai Region where I have visited.

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Akaushi Beef Restaurant With A Great View Of Aso

Kitayama is a restaurant offering the local specialty Akaushi Beef and a great view of Aso. You can see this scenery without ordering food. I want you all to see this panoramic landscape when you travel in Kumamoto.


A Hill Commanding The Magnificent Scenery

Oshitoishi Hill was used for a location of a movie 'Attack on Titan'. There're many huge rocks on the hill, and we can have a whole view of Aso.


Tengu-dake Mountain Dressed In Various Lively Autumn Colors

You can enjoy various mountain scenery that changes every slot such as evening, starry night and morning. See from the top of Mt. Ishizuchi, Tengu Mountain turns into lively colors in autumn.


Glittering Taga Taisha Shrine

Taga Taisha Shrine has a special event called Kami Akari (God's Light). The glittering lights on the ground, and laser beams coming from the main shrine building, those are very fantastic.


Beautiful Reflections Of A Lively Garden

In a room to appreciate the spacious garden, there's a table reflecting the beautiful garden.


Mountain Path In Many Autumn Colors

Midagahara Highlands, located in the middle of Mt. Tateyama, is an enjoyable place to walk with sneakers. The mountains and nature change their appearance, and you can enjoy walking in the various autumn colors.


Kora Taisha Shrine With A Whole View Of Kurume City & The Setting Sun

This shrine commands the whole view of Kurume city. What's more, in some the season, you can see the sun setting just behind the Torii Arch.


The Great View Overlooked From The Range Of Torii Arch

You can see the view of peaceful countryside and mountains, and the range of red torii arch.


The View Of Mt. Fuji From Amari-yama Mountain

You can go up to the high of Amari-yama Mountain, and see Mt. Fuji in the distance after climbing a little. Under the good condition, you can see the sea of clouds, town, and Mt. Fuji at the same time.


Shining Colorful Jelly Punch

Coffee Shop Soiree offers a colorful and refreshing Jelly Punch in a room with retro interior decorations. They prepare some kinds of it, the tingling jelly punch with soda is a standard one. It can entertain you by its appearance, too.