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Delicious Stone-Milled Soba Noodle To Eat In Traditional Atmosphere

Their homemade soba noodle is relatively thin, and has perfect texture and throat-feeling. In addition, the soup is very tasty! You will want to come many times, but it'll better to make a reservation, for this restaurant gets vert crowded. What's more, their Dashimaki Tamago (soy sauce-flavored egg omelet) is most delicious one I have ever had.


Customize Topping, Sweetness And Ice Balance As We Like

Choose drink as base, and also topping! I chose tapioca and coconut jelly. Then customize the sweetness and amount of ice, you can make original tapioca drink.


Beautiful 'Teae Zushi' To Eat At A Traditional Japanese House

AWOMB is very popular restaurant that has four branches in Kyoto. Among them, restaurant in Gion Yasaka has authentic Kyoto's atmosphere for the shop curtain at the entrance. All ingredients are cooked carefully one by one, and we can choose as we like, then make 'Teae Zushi'.


Wonderful Location You Must Be Fascinated As Soon As You See

Located at 33 the floor of BREEZE BREEZE, it's surrounded with glass and you can see the city of Osaka from there all day. They offer casual menu like omelet-rice and hamburger for lunch. The hamburger is surprisingly over 3000 yen!


Breathtakingly Beautiful! The Largest Mosque In Japan

Tokyo Camii the largest mosque in Japan. We can see it freely, and they show inside around. Inside the mosque is breathtakingly beautiful! Many people come to worship actually, so private language is strictly prohibited. Even if you are not a Muslim, when you enter this beautiful space, your heart become calm and you eventually close your eyes.


Sweets To Eat With Breakfast Menu

Good coffee shop's breakfast is delicious so much. Desserts can be set for a morning sandwich or bagel. And the dessert is too gorgeous for just a set.


First Of All, The Photogenic Appearance

AKICHI appears suddenly at 5 min walk from Namba Station. This photogenic ice cream tastes vanilla, and also chocolate and strawberry are prepared. It's 500 yen, but it takes a time to make it, so weekdays are better if you can visit!


A Chic Restaurant Floating On The Water

CORAL KITCHEN at sea is located on Aji-gawa River. We can enjoy lunch and dinner in a chic, spacious room with a sense of floating.


Parfait Of Whipped Soy Bean Milk & Seasonal Fruit

Living Organics is a shop of cold-pressed juice in Ashiya. And their parfait with much of fruit is very delicious♡ For the soy bean milk, it's not too sweet, and you can eat it all easily. It's 1300 yen.


Elegant Tea Time At Ijinkan Area In Kobe

Ijinkan (foreign style houses) Area is located at Kitano, Kobe. Eating and drinking are prohibited at almost all of the foreign houses, but here in Italy House, we can enjoy tea time at a lovely South-Italian style terrace. Exhibits such as paintings, sculptures, furniture and furniture are all antiques of the 18th and 19th centuries. You'll be fascinated wherever you see!