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  • 9/30/1992
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I never fail to go where I want to go! I'm a beginner of camera.

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Exhibition Of Real Planes & Various Experience

FLIGHT OF DREAMS is an amusement park of Seattle, a hometown of Boeing. There're some experience-facilities like simulator at pay area, and restaurants and shops at free area. Specially, its projection mapping took place two times in an hour, is very impression.


Photogenic Interior & Authentic Food

I ate lunch and pancake. Their food were authentic, and also the cocoon seats had enough space to spend time leisurely. We can enjoy various foods such as fondant chocolate and gelato even if we visit here again and again. Access: just go southward from Ishigami Bashi Kita Crossing. Close: Tuesdays. They prepare set meal during specific time. Take-out is partly possible.


Sand Hill Expanding As Far As The Eye Can See

Walking around the sand hill, I felt my mind became clean by the scenery from the observatory. In some season, we may be able to see oasis!


Metasequoia Avenue As Long As 2.4 Kilometers

I could see the Metasequoia Avenue expanding straightly with a little snow covered landscape. It shows us various scenery every season. We can take photos like the avenue swallowing us up.◎Makino Pic Land has a free parking area. No parking on the avenue. While you take pictures, please make sure of safety, obey rules and manners.


Fresh Fruit All Around The World

I could enjoy jelly with many seasonal fruits while I indulging in the retro atmosphere of Moji Port.◎Parfait priced 1000-1500 yen by its size and ingredients.


Beautiful Reflection On 1 Kilometers Beach

The evening glow and the reflections on the sea are so beautiful beyond description. The windless condition is best to take pictures of the reflections, but you will be fascinated with only its view.◎20 min from Sanuki Toyonaka IC, or Mitoyo Tossaka IC. The beach is spacious, so visit earlier than the evening glow. You can take wonderful pics by even smart phone.


Seaside Park You Can Enjoy BBQ And Even Night View

I like to walk around the park while I look the Gate Bridge dyed in red by the setting sun. Anything else, you can enjoy BBQ, fishing, and may see Disney Resort on the other side. Please have a leisurely time.◎It's convenient to choose the parking area by your purpose. They all prices 500 yen, later payment, but please check opening hours for each. There's a entrance to the Gate Bridge Walking Path. Rental bicycle, and multipurpose area are available.


Tourist Farm With Various Flowers In Each Season

I enjoyed summer with a stretch of sunflowers! We can take home up to three flowers if you want.◎Admission fees: adult 650 yen, child 300 yen. Opening hours 8:00-17:00. Free parking area is available. You can take pictures in costume, and enter with companion animals. Picking fruit is available in each season. Check the official web site.


Scenic Suspension Bridge Located At Onsen Town

The suspension bridge has appeared in a Japanese TV commercial. I walked above the emerald green lake. You can enjoy the wonderful view like you walk into the another world.◎30 min walk from Sunomata-kyo Onsen in Shizuoka Prefecture. There're free parking area for 300 cars in the town (becomes toll in the tourist season). After the bridge, the steep steps continues so far.


Cormorant Fishing As A Tradition With More Than 1300 Years History

I took a boat to see Ukai (cormorant fishing). It was as close as I could feel the heat of the bonfire. There're dynamic motions in the silence, I gazed in wonder at that sight.◎5/11-10/15 in 2018. If you want to take a boat, reservation is better. The fees for the boat: 3100-3400 yen.