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I look for the tourist spots that are little known in Ibaraki Prefecture.

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As an extended area, Siki-no Hara has various flowers in every season. There're red poppy and blue cornflower blooming in the beautiful deep green in May, and we can enjoy nature winds and singing birds.

During Plum Blossom Festival, the lighted blossoms describe the fantastic scenery in the Kairakuen Garden. The illuminations are took place everyday till 3/21, from sunset to 21:00.

Kasama History Museum was renovated from a historical wooden three-storied building 'Old Izutsu-ya Main House' built in the middle of Meiji Era (around 1900). And the display of chrysanthemum and Japanese umbrellas is excellent with the building and worth seeing.

It cleared for days together, we can see the beautiful sunflowers looking up everyday. The Sunflower Festival in 2018 will be held on Sunday, August 25th.

During the illumination event of green Kochia, you can enjoy various night-entertainments such as 'Gourd Lantern Exhibition', and foods good to eat while walking around.

Naka Sunflower Festival is held every year. In 2018, they're almost in full-bloom today on August 18th, though the festival is going to be take place on 25th. They prepare also the huge maze of sunflowers, so we can enjoy the festival all day.

Displayed only during Mito Kōmon Festival, 'Oasis Umbrella Shadow & Wind Deck' in front of the clock tower at North Gate of Mito Station. Massages from the local elementary school students are on the umbrellas. Mito Kōmon Festival is held till 8/5.

The picked and floated hydrangea on a pond is like otherworldly scene. I like this very beautiful world! They'll change and float hydrangeas till around 7/20. And don't forget to pay homage at a temple, too.

When I walked into a forest, I could find the hydrangeas spreading to the whole valley! For the forest is humid and you'll sweat, don't forget towel and something to drink.

Mt. Oiwa is said to have the strongest spiritual power in Kanto Region because there're 188 objects of worship. The wonderful scenery commanded from the mountain top is worth as a gift to someone who succeed to climb.