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I'm happy if you look my photos when you plan to travel somewhere. I post nice places and food in mainly Hokkaido, and all around Japan.

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Various Flowers In Each Season

You can see cosmos at the middle of September, and tulips in the late May at a main area. And many other flowers all around a year. This park has a room for eating food, so people can enjoy all day long.


A Famous Tree Adopted For A Design Of Tobacco Box

This tree was adopted for a design of tobacco box and named 'Seven Star Tree' the same as tobacco's name. It's very large and magnificent. And you can see the landscape of Biei spreading around the tree.


Another Place To See The Great View Of Shakotan Blue

Shimamui Coast is located 20 min by car from Kamui Cape. You can see the great view called Shakotan Blue. Going down the steps, you can go close to the sea.


Nice Lunch You Can Eat With Peaceful Landscape Of Biei

Aru'u-no Pain stands alone in Biei. It's located in beautiful nature, and customers can enjoy lunch at its terrace and near the window while gazing at peaceful landscape. I like their interior, too. You should visit as fast as you can because their best-seller breads are sold out quickly.


A Beautiful Poplar Tree Associated With Hokkaido Landscape

A very large tree of poplar. You can see the landscape expected in Hokkaido Prefecture. It's so tall that it's difficult to take picture of the tree.


An Artistic Glassed Architecture By Isamu Noguchi

Glass Pyramid is located at Moerenuma Park designed by Isamu Noguchi, which I can't associate with a waste treatment center once stood here. You can see the whole view of Sapporo City from the mountain, and feel refreshed so much.


Mystic! The Reflections Of Dead Larch Trees

You must see it once if you travel in Hokkaido! The Blue Pond (Aoi Ike). It's so mystic that people will be confused which side is sky... Anyway, you must be fascinated with its blue.


A Christmas Tree Specially Beautiful In The Evening Glow

A Christmas Tree standing commandingly in the huge site. As its name, it's a beautiful tree that makes us want to do the Christmas decorations.


The Most Transparent Lake In Japan!

Lake Shikotsu is a caldera lake formed by eruption. And, it's the most transparent lake in Japan. From the leisure boat, you can see even the bottom of the lake as the second pic, you should try. ◎About 1 hour by car from Chitose or Sapporo. The leisure boat in the water is for 1500 yen for one parson.


The Transparent Sea Of Shakotan Blue

You can have a bird's-eye view of the transparent blue ocean at Kamui Cape. It often blows hard, gets cloudy or rains, so you're lucky is you can see the beautiful Shakotan Blue.