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This Starbucks is the fifth one in the world, and first in Japan, that has own roast factory and bakery together. TEAVANA in the second floor, I visited this time, is a tea specialty bland managed by Starbucks. It offers such as non-alcohol cocktail of tea, cream soda, flavored teas, so people who don't like coffee can enjoy.


Parfait Like An Art

Fruit parfait specialty shop opened on 9/2. Their parfaits like art works are very photogenic. What's more, the fruit is sweet and fresh, so we can eat all of it easily.

Mont Blanc cake with chestnut-shaped mousse. The mouse is rich and creamy. Under it, there's a beautiful black tea jelly which is not so much sweet. They offer this cake till the end of November, only during autumn.


American Taste Sandwiches

The interior is chic, based on blue like Tiffany. I love this American atmosphere very much. Their sandwiches are photogenic and voluminous very much. What's more, they open from eight in the morning, so it's good for breakfast!

Sandwich Parlor Matsumura opened in 1921. There're many bread look delicious. Its best-seller 'Nakayoshi Combi (Friendly Combination: sweet bean jam and peanut)' is delicious if you eat them separately, but I like to fold in half and eat them together. I also like the lovely names of bread.

Yoffe+ moved to Kajigaya from Yokohama this June. They offer sweets and cakes that taste mild and make us feel relaxed. I love these round lovely appearances very much.

Kissa Minka, located at Kita Kamakura, is a good-old cafe with retro atmosphere. Their custard pudding is firmer than other ones and has more egg taste. It has good balance with little bitter caramel. The ice cream also has tender sweetness. I felt relaxed very much for the fresh greens over the window and mild sweets.


Toast With Many Fruit

LeBRESSO starts 'Mix Fresh Fruit Toast' from 6/1! So many sweet-sour fruit on the toast, such as orange, strawberry, kiwi! I love the combination of refreshing homemade yogurt cheese whip and fruit. They offer this till the end of August, so hurry if you want!


Toast With So Much Cheese

THOUSAND COFFEE, near Nishi Shinjuku 5-chome Station, offers thick-cut toast with so much 5 kinds of cheese! It tastes delicious as it is, in addition, I love the sweet-and-salty taste with honey. What's more, you must order the homemade lemonade with ice cream topping!


Fluffy Roll Cake

Cafe Hütte offers roll cake for only Saturdays and Sundays. The fluffy sponge cake with much of smooth cream, and lovely tiny American cherry. And I like their interior and nice relaxing room.