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I love travel and cafes, and I feel happy when I meet good cafes and delicious food. I want to introduce shops and spots that can make you all happy.

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Delicious Sweets To Eat At Good-Old Cafe

Kissa Minka, located at Kita Kamakura, is a good-old cafe with retro atmosphere. Their custard pudding is firmer than other ones and has more egg taste. It has good balance with little bitter caramel. The ice cream also has tender sweetness. I felt relaxed very much for the fresh greens over the window and mild sweets.


Toast With Many Fruit

LeBRESSO starts 'Mix Fresh Fruit Toast' from 6/1! So many sweet-sour fruit on the toast, such as orange, strawberry, kiwi! I love the combination of refreshing homemade yogurt cheese whip and fruit. They offer this till the end of August, so hurry if you want!


Toast With So Much Cheese

THOUSAND COFFEE, near Nishi Shinjuku 5-chome Station, offers thick-cut toast with so much 5 kinds of cheese! It tastes delicious as it is, in addition, I love the sweet-and-salty taste with honey. What's more, you must order the homemade lemonade with ice cream topping!


Fluffy Roll Cake

Cafe Hütte offers roll cake for only Saturdays and Sundays. The fluffy sponge cake with much of smooth cream, and lovely tiny American cherry. And I like their interior and nice relaxing room.


Gorgeous Chiffon Cake To Eat As Its Whole

Shimako Cafe's gorgeous chiffon cake which is served as a whole. It's very lovely, with strawberries and cookies on the fluffy chiffon cake. The Polish Pottery's table ware are also lovely and good for their cakes.


Lovely Bakery With Retro Atmosphere

COBATO PAN is a lovely bakery with retro atmosphere which makes us stop by. There're many coppepan look delicious! I like also the character on the coffee cup!


Lovely Cat-Parfait

Best-seller Cat-Parfait that naturally makes us smile♡ Cute eyes, flower comb and even paw pads! The cat looks lovely from every angles. Their strawberry milk with marshmallow rabbit is also pretty and delicious♡♡


Photogenic Homemade Hamburgers

Dexter Diner offers specially homemade hamburgers. The patty is of course, buns, bacon, French fries and all foods are homemade. Their big hamburgers, like you see in some drawings, are very photogenic. In spite of the size, you can eat it all easily for the light taste in your mouth.


Lovely Sweets Like A Flower Field

Rice-Flour Sweets Kinun has colorful cakes of fruit and many flowers. Arranging some of then together on a plate, it's like a flower field! Their cakes are made from rice flour, so they're good for health and delicious. The eating-room needs reservation, please check Instagram for detail.


Lovely Animal Cookies Let Us Be Warm-Hearted

Patisserie Blaireau's best-seller is the animal cookies. We can select the cookies and put them on the delicious cakes. The animals with cherry blossoms look like enjoying cherry blossom viewing, so lovely! It's easy to walk from Asakusa or Kuramae, so it's nice place to take a rest during the tour.